ZOS for Android: Beta 0.6, with player maps!

Hey everyone,

I’ve just pushed out a new release of ZOS for Android to the beta testers. This version includes the ability to play ZOS on the over 2,500 maps created by players of Class 3 Outbreak, using the editor at www.class3outbreak.com!

On the map select screen there is a new Player Maps tab, where you can zoom in to find a map you’d like to play.

ZOS for Android player maps (world)

ZOS for Android player maps (North America)

When you get close enough you can see a preview of the area covered by the map.

ZOS for Android player maps (map area)

This now completes all of the features planned for the first release of ZOS on Android. However there’s still a bunch of stuff left to do before it is ready for release… so it’s time for me to get back to it :)

If you’d like to be a beta tester, just fill out this form and I’ll give you access.

More screenshots of the beta are available in these recent posts: version 0.5, version 0.4, version 0.3, version 0.2, version 0.1.




  1. Jacob foe says:

    This will be good when it is released. Cant wait.
    How will you be able to make the maps?

  2. Zane Griffin says:

    I would like to suggest a new feature

    Adding Zombies when game is in play

    This could be done by either dropping crates filled with anywhere from 10-50 infected or just clicking a button that would add another wave of zombies to come from the outskirts of the map.

    The reason the game needs this is because i am constantly running into the issue of all the infected being slaughtered by my strongholds i create with military personal and then that is it… GAME OVER

    I suggest implementing this feature to keep the game going for longer which would increase players interest in the game, maybe add like a wave system where every 2-5 minutes another wave of infected would come and you can see how long you can hold off the undead hordes?

    • Saxon says:

      Hey Zane, yeah I think something along those lines would be a good idea. I’m not planning to add any more features for the first release (I want to get it released as soon as possible), but this could be added in a future update. cya, Saxon

  3. David says:

    1) When is a ZOS update coming for Apple users? 2) What features are being considered?

    • Saxon says:

      Hi David,

      The new features in ZOS for Android which aren’t in ZOS for iOS are:

      – soldiers
      – helicopters
      – player maps

      Once the Android version is released, I’ll bring those same new features over to the iOS version as well. This will actually be a full port of the Android version back to iOS, as the Android version has a completely rebuilt user interface. So as to when, the answer is basically as soon as I can :)


  4. lilkoi98 says:

    do you have an estimated release date for this game?

    BTW you can thank ea because i was playing it and had a zombie disaster hit and took over much of my city and i reminded me how much i miss playing this game! i dont know if you care i just wanted to let you know :)

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