ZOS for Android: Beta 0.4, now with soldiers!

Hey everyone,

I’ve just pushed out an update to the beta testers for ZOS on Android which adds the ability to drop soldiers into the map by parachute!

ZOS for Android soldier drop

It looks far cooler when animated though :D

ZOS for Android soldier drop animation

There is room for one more new feature on the UI, which we are working on now – adding rescue helicopters!

ZOS for Android soldier drop UI

If you’d like to be a beta tester, just fill out this form and I’ll give you access.

More screenshots of the beta are available in the other recent posts: version 0.3, version 0.2, version 0.1.




  1. Scorch says:

    Finally! I thought this day would never come!

  2. LazarheaD says:

    They’re killing machines!

  3. SmithAero says:

    Wish this was in IOS.

    • Saxon says:

      Hi SmithAero,

      Once the Android version’s been released I plan to bring these new features to the iOS version as well.


  4. Elijah says:

    These look cool but what about a military that will fight the army and try to recruit any armed survivors because I’m pretty sure there’s crazy people who would use zombie invasion to shoot anything.

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