ZOS for Android: Beta 0.3, now with bombs!

Hi everyone,

I’ve just pushed out version 0.3 of the ZOS for Android beta to the testers, now including bombs!

ZOS for Android bombs

This means ZOS for Android is now pretty much the same as ZOS for iOS as far as features go. However there are a few other things we’re planning to add for the Android version, as you can see from the empty space on the UI :)

ZOS for Android weapons menu

Next up will be dropping soldiers into the map via parachute! James has already created some cool soldier sprites, so I just need to code them in.

As before, if you’re interested in being a beta tester, just fill out this form and I’ll give you access.



  1. LazarheaD says:

    It’s happening! Can’t wait to test this one out!

  2. Scorch says:

    Wow! Soldiers at last, finally, hope the PC version gets an update soon! I feel like this is a game version of the Walking Dead in a way.

  3. Zos fan011 says:

    Will the soldiers be controllable in a later update? Like how the cops in the old zos games on ur website are controllable (u can move them tell them who to shoot etc)

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