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Binary Space Requires UI, UX Designer/Advisor

UPDATE 20th July: We are no longer looking for people for this position. Thankyou to everyone who applied.

Binary Space, developers of the game Class 3 Outbreak (, are looking for an experienced UI, UX designer to advise them on their existing and future UI/UIX design. The role will be a short term contract period, starting immediately. We are looking for someone with a creative background and/or art director experience who has designed interfaces, preferably in games. We are considering applicants from anywhere, but Adelaide is preferred. You would help us to create UI that flows logically, is easy to use and understand, and that also has a distinctive look and feel.

Requirements and Qualifications

  • 3+ years experience or 3+ titles released as the lead UI/UX designer, preferably in games
  • A solid portfolio of work that confirms you have built great interfaces previously
  • Ability to concept and brainstorm a dramatic, cohesive visual theme for the interface that is used throughout the game
  • Be able to document UX flow from screen to screen, with detailed descriptions and reasoning.
  • Team player
  • Knowledge of usability, human factors, and the UX process

Please send any applications to with your CV and portfolio.

Class 3 Outbreak – Searching buildings

Hey everyone,

We’ve just uploaded a new version of C3O with the results of our first three days of full-time work.

Play it here:

The main gameplay feature that we’ve added is the ability to search buildings. You now start the game with a limited amount of ammo for your 3 civs to use. However they can enter buildings and search for more ammo.

There’s also a bunch of smaller changes that we’ve made:

  • Smaller minimap, so it doesn’t cover so much of the game area.
  • Civs show up as dots on the minimap, when there are less than 50 of them left.
  • The ability to delete maps from the editor which you don’t want any more (as long as they haven’t been published).
  • Previously all published maps would be submitted to Jay to be moderated. With over 30 maps being published a day, this was starting to take a lot of time. We’ve now changed this so that you can choose to nominate your map for inclusion on the world map.

We hope you like the changes!


Story Writer Required

UPDATE 20th July: We are no longer looking for people for this position. Thankyou to everyone who applied.

We have just begun full time work on our zombie game, Class 3 Outbreak! Part of the upcoming development involves writing up a compelling game-world and backstory that we can use to give our game some character. Story will be used throughout the game in the background to give the game context, through dialog, game objectives, an in-game journal, and potentially even for missions.

Jay is currently writing the dialog, but we require an experienced writer to help us create a detailed game world, backstory and to advise on already completed dialog.

Effectively, we need a “creative writer advisor”. The position will be a short contract period (~20 hrs) to develop all of the above. Ideally you will have one or all of the following:

  • Experience in writing for games and/or interactive storytelling
  • Experience in writing novels or screen plays
  • Specific background or interest in apocalyptic tales, sci fi, horror and drama
  • Credits in completed projects
  • Knowledge of the zombie and horror genres in games, film or novels

Please apply to and include your resume and writing samples that are relevant to this position and target audience.

Welcome Aboard Luke and David

We’re excited to announce that following our search for programmers, we’ve now hired Luke Mitchell and David Coen!

Both Luke and David will be joining us in just over a week, from the 13th of June – the same day that Jay and I are going to start full time development on Class 3 Outbreak.

Our team is now even more geographically distributed than before! I am in Perth Australia, and Jay is in Adelaide Australia. David joins us from Melbourne Australia, and Luke is all the way over in the United Kingdom.

S = Saxon, J = Jay, D = David, L = Luke

Over the next week we’ll likely be busy on preparation for the transition into full time work. We’re looking forward to getting lots of game features developed starting from the 13th!