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C3O Release – Fog of War and Recruiting

Hi guys,
We’ve just released a new version which you can check out now:

The two main features are Fog of War and Recruiting.


Fog of War represents what your survivors can see, where they have been, and where they have not been. The dark area shows unexplored regions, while the semi transparent areas have been explored, but you don’t have line of sight. This compliments the next feature release, recruiting.

6 survivors are now scattered across the map for you to find and recruit. Simply walk up to them (or let them walk up to you) and you will be able to control them. You have no way of knowing where they will be, so you must send your guys out and try to find them. Be careful later on in the game as they could be infected when found.

We’ve also added a brief intro/story/goals/tutorial, which will be built upon in future versions and will eventually work like the original C3O tutorial.

There’s also a few other minor tweaks, with fatty now taking a little less time to turn, and running slightly faster, among other things.

Keen to hear how you go, how long you last, etc!


C3O release – Customize survivor names and build roadblocks

Hi everyone,

We’ve just released a new version of C3O, which you can play here:

There are two main changes in this version.

The first change is that you can now choose the names for the three controllable civs, instead of them being fixed to Ethan, Emil and Paul. The first civ uses your account name, and for the other two civs you can choose from your Facebook friends. You can also choose the type of civ for each of them.


The second change is that you can now build roadblocks, using wood which you can find when searching buildings (like ammo).


Our crowd-funding campaign at has just ended earlier today. Thanks everyone for helping us raise over $1300 – we’re really thrilled with that result! :)

Thanks especially to Ethan, Emil, Paul, Adam, Joao and Sean, who each donated $100. Now that the controlled civ names can be chosen, each of these supporters appears as a random civ in the game. At the moment you can’t do anything with these named civs, but in the future we plan to make it possible for you to recruit them into your group.

For now we have set all of these named civs to the default guy, but let us know if you’d prefer a different civ type, and we’ll change it in the next release. Also, your names are now listed in the credits at – thanks again!

As well as these changes, Jay has made a number of tweaks to the various game settings, to change how the game plays. He wanted me to add this:

We’ve reduced civ auto attack distance (conserves on ammo, requires more player input, but still keeps you safe if you’re getting attacked).

Civ numbers have been brought up and zombie numbers down initially, with 2 min infection time. You have around 3 minutes to move around searching until you start really getting outnumbered. Watch out for reanimating zombies around this time (bright red dead people).

Maps with only a few buildings are still going to be mostly unplayable until we decide to implement a building dependent number of zombies and ammo.

Finally, we’ve added a new music track by Rhys Lindsay into the start of the game music.

We hope you like the new release – let us know what you think! :)