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Crowd Funding Class 3 Outbreak

So far we’ve been developing Class 3 Outbreak in our spare time, with over 2000 hours spent during the last 2 years. Our goal is to turn Binary Space into a business. We love making games, and want to be able to work on games like Class 3 Outbreak full-time. To that end we are looking to raise funding in several ways, one is through government grant funding, another is through crowd funding.

We’ve recently been awarded a couple of grants by South Australian government funding groups, which we are of course pretty stoked about!:

– $50k from the South Australian Film Corporation
– $10k from the South Australian Creative Industries Program

We’re in the final contracting phases on these, and expect to be able to switch into full-time development of Class 3 Outbreak from around June.

This will keep us going for a couple of months, but what then?

We’re using the IndieGoGo crowd funding website to raise money to keep us working full-time for as long as possible. So we are asking for your help to support us in our indie endeavors! If we reach our target of $50k, that will allow us to keep working for several more months, and put us on the path to being profitable and self-sustaining. But any amount would still be a big help – we’ll work for as long as we can afford, or work part-time.

IndieGoGo allows us to give away pre-orders for our game, along with perks if you spend a certain amount. All of the perks include free access to all of the paid features, as they are developed. So when we start charging our other players for those, pre-order customers get them for free. When we introduce virtual currency, we’ll also give you some for free. And of course, whatever amount you give us, you’ll receive our undying gratitude, for helping us make Class 3 Outbreak a reality!

Our primary plan to become profitable is to make Class 3 Outbreak “freemium”. It will always be free to play, but players will have the opportunity to purchase additional features if they wish. We’ll have a virtual currency via which you will be able to buy extra items such as weapons, and we will offer exclusive paid features as well.

To kick off our crowd funding efforts, we’ve just released a Royal Wedding map for the game. Saxon quickly coded in Prince William and Kate Middleton and some onlooking crowd members, and I drew up the Westminster Abbey map. Of course, zombies descend and make a mess of their wedding. We think it’s pretty funny, and so hopefully a lot of other people think so too. If it picks up steam and spreads then we will be very happy!

We have outlined a feature set for Class 3 Outbreak on the IndieGoGo website, head on over, check it out and please support our game. Thanks!

Binary Space awarded Tomorrow Start Grant

Just a quick post to say that we’ve just been told that South Australia’s Creative Industries Program has chosen us to receive their Tomorrow Start Grant!

South Australian Creative Industries Program

The Tomorrow Start Grant is a competitive grant to assist South Australia’s emerging digital media industry and ends in June 2012.

The purpose of the Tomorrow Start Grant is to:

  • Assist start-up South Australian digital media businesses to become better established and overcome significant and immediate barriers to the growth of commercial revenues
  • Target innovative start-up companies with a clearly identified business opportunity, that need some external financial support to capitalise on that commercial opportunity
  • Support the development of new technologies, products and services involving the commercialisation of digital media and, in particular, embedded digital media
  • Enhance the economic growth of South Australia

We’ve been approved for a grant of approximately $10,000, which will allow us to buy development equipment, pay for legal advice, and cover our hosting costs.

Huge thankyous from us to Creative SA!

Jay and Saxon

Class 3 Outbreak’s Editor now in Open Beta

We are happy to announce that the open beta version of Class 3 Outbreak’s Editor is out now! Saxon has been working hard on this over the last year, and in the mean time C3O is closing in on 1 million plays. With the new editor, you can now paint down maps in your local area, then unleash the zombie hordes upon your street, workplace or school. Map creation is achieved by painting down colors over the top of the satellite imagery – red for walls, green for trees and grey for flat ground. There are a few basic tools such as a line tool, free hand tool and fill, with the ability to change brush size as well. Once you’ve finished, you can publish your map and share it with friends or fellow gamers.

Class 3 Outbreak beta world map

The game has also been moved to, where you’ll see that we have a world map showing the location of outbreaks across the globe. Maps that are published are moderated by myself, and if they’re of high enough quality, they go on the home page as one of the red markers. Even if you don’t get featured, you can still play and share your map.

Class 3 Outbreak beta editor with low fences

So now that our most important feature is out the door, we will be moving back to gameplay, so that players can load up their neighborhood map, then begin the task of surviving the outbreak. Unlike any other game, you will walk the streets and be familiar with your own surroundings. Very first on the agenda is controllable units, I believe we will be starting with just one controllable civilian, then we will go from there.

We look forward to seeing what maps you come up with. So far I’ve been deluged with about 60-70 map moderation requests in 2 days, which is a good sign. Tell us what you think, constructive good or bad criticisms are welcome. If you’d like to follow development as we get back into the fun stuff, you can follow me on Twitter @JayWeston or Saxon @SaxonDruce. Then there’s our Facebook page at and the forums.


Class 3 Outbreak

Play Class 3 Outbreak now at

The game is currently under development. To keep updated with the latest updates and progress, follow us on these social media sites:

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