ZOS for Android: Beta 0.5, with rescue helicopters!

Hey everyone,

I’ve just pushed out a ZOS for Android update to the beta testers. This version includes rescue helicopters, which you can use to evacuate civilians out of the map!

ZOS for Android: Rescue helicopters

Here’s how it looks animated:

ZOS for Android: Rescue helicopter animation

This is the final new in-game feature that I have planned for ZOS for Android (for the initial launch, anyway!).

ZOS for Android: Rescue helicopter UI

If you’d like to be a beta tester, just fill out this form and I’ll give you access.

More screenshots of the beta are available in these recent posts: version 0.4, version 0.3, version 0.2, version 0.1.




  1. Tatuzka says:

    Looks awesome! What happens if the zombies get to the choppaaa? :D

    • Saxon says:

      Hey Tatuzka, then the helicopter gets damaged and can’t take off any more. Also if someone infected gets in, it crashes after take off :)


  2. CASH says:

    Hey I really like the new beta update. I was wondering though if before you release add a feature where you can keep adding either more zombie or civs. Just for the people that like to keep the game going. Just a thought

    • Saxon says:

      Hey CASH, I’m not planning to add any extra insert-people-into-the-sim features before the initial release, but I’ll keep it in mind for a possible future update. cya, Saxon

  3. TheDude234575 says:

    Now all I need is this game to be available in IOS

  4. Thedude234575 says:

    Oh sorry, I meant that I wish this was in the iOS version. Thanks for the reply though

  5. tropicz says:

    So will you be able to add police instead of soldiers as well?

    • Saxon says:

      Hey Tropicz, you can configure the starting number of police in the infection settings, but I’m not planning to have any other way to add people during the sim for the first release. Although this might be an option for a future update (and also for civs and zombies, as suggested by CASH above). cya, Saxon

  6. Jacob says:

    Uh Mr. Saxton I’m not shure if you will see this but I was wondering if these features will be in the apple version.

    • Saxon says:

      Hi Jacob, yes, once I’ve released these features on Android, then I’ll work on bringing them to iOS as well. Also a bunch of work’s been done in the Android version to make it work on all the different Android screen sizes – so that should work nicely with the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus :) cya, Saxon

  7. zach says:

    I signed up for the beta and can’t wait to be accepted! I would love to help out and do whatever to get this up and running :)

  8. Are there plans to make this available for, say, a Windows Surface tablet?

    • Saxon says:

      Hi Donald, the web (Flash) version of ZOS / C3O should work fine on a Surface Pro, and I think also on a Windows RT Surface since that should support Flash as well (although maybe a bit slowly). Although the web version of ZOS doesn’t have some of the features of ZOS on iOS or Android (ie the bombs, soldiers or helicopters). I couldn’t make a native Windows app of ZOS / C3O, as there’s no Google Maps API for Windows. cya, Saxon

  9. Gaz says:

    Will this be for IOS too?

    • Saxon says:

      Hi Gaz, yes, once I’ve released the Android version, I’ll bring these new features to the iOS version as well. cya, Saxon

  10. Jim says:

    Do you have any idea yet on how the soldiers will work?

  11. William says:

    Hello mr. Saxon I was wondering how many soldiers will you be able to send out?

  12. Fan of ur game says:

    In a future update will the soldiers and police be controllable like in class 3 outbreak??? (iOS/android)

  13. Wesley Lanter says:

    Can you add SWAT and army jeeps? That would be TOTALLY EPIC! Could you also give us free settings and 5 paratroopers/helis instead of 2? Thanks, keep up the great work!

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