ZOS for Android: Rescue helicopter animation


  1. tropicz says:

    So awsome! Do you get points or something when you rescue them? (and also, how will they answer you after signing up for beta-testing on android?).

    • Saxon says:

      Hi tropicz, the stats at the top right keep track of how many civs you’ve been able to rescue.

      Once people sign up for the beta I send them an invite with details on how to access it.


      • tropicz says:

        So whats the average waiting time? Kinda getting impatient >.<

        • Saxon says:

          Hi Tropicz, I’ve sent invites to everyone in the list. I don’t see you in there – did you sign up with a different name/email? Otherwise maybe try filling it out again, to make sure it went through? cya, Saxon

          • tropicz says:

            Thanks, and also: It would be cool if more and more civillians came into the game as refugees, that way it would get harder and harder for the police/military to contain the infection

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