Class 3 Outbreak, Released! Buh-rrRaaAaAiiiinNZ!

All Saxon and I can say is, “finally!”. After many delays with things like sponsorship, flash game portal versions, and ZOS itself, we are super happy happy, joy joy to announce that Class 3 Outbreak is sitting on our server now, ready for you to engage the zombies on their terms (you’re going to lose, its just a matter of how badly!). So after around 14 months, the first version of our baby (think the zombie baby from Dawn of the Dead, ok?) is out! It’s amazing it’s taken us this long for a game which appears quite simple on the surface, but being part time indie-ers, thems the breaks! Feel free to crush our spirits or pat us on the back for a job well done, as long as its constructive then we are happy. We also welcome the inevitable comments like “FAIL” and “this is such win-ness”.

For the first week or so the game will be site locked to, but then we will remove that and let it spread to the games portals that support 800×600 games.

From here on, now that much of the ground work has been laid, we look forward to putting in some of the really fun stuff. Feel free to head over to our forums and chat with us, we are always watching!

We look forward to following the response over the coming weeks. Thanks for supporting and following our game!
Jay and Saxon


  1. Colm says:


    I mean – congratulations on the release! :)

  2. Jacques says:

    Awesome!! Perfect!! You folks are gods!! Basically exactly what I expected from ZOS made into an RTS. Any chance you could hotkey the police squads (no. 1, 2, 3, etc.) instead of being forced to either click them or the badge? Will the game be expanded at all? (“Units available” is so enticing–could that mean there will be other units available?).

  3. Shepherd says:

    Great game. I have been looking for a good zombie game and got lucky when I found this site. Other than the police, it would be nice to have the military involved later on. Maybe some militia.

  4. smurph says:

    I love it, you should have a sandbox mode though, like with controls over zombie traits like in the demo but playable with police units

  5. Jarod says:

    To be honest.. I’m a little disappointed. 14 months of waiting for something like this.. Not to offend. I can see lots of time was put into the boundaries of the buildings as well as squad performance. But I just feel like none of the game is there, maybe its what I expected out of it?
    I was really wanting to be able to post my guys up in a building or something and have them hold out, but this game is SO rushed for what was put into it.

    I kinda figure if you put 14 months into a game, you would want a slower more enjoyable experience, not one that is over with in less than 10 minutes.

    I was playing on Hard difficulty in DC. I understand why the game ended so quickly, but it seems silly. I have to kill 300 zombies in like a minute to stop the outbreak class from getting worse, but when it gets to that point there is no reverting back or anything.. Then after this it takes no time before that 3min countdown makes you want to die.

    What I didn’t like: The time (the game felt so, so rushed for what it is.), the lack of other modes of play, the confusing set up screen for the game. I can’t really figure out how to switch difficulties, etc (easily at least). And the pace of the game.

    But for what I like: The squads, the map and boundaries, the objectives and short stories for them.

    I probably just rambled on about none sense and repeated myself, but its late at night and am too lazy to reread this, hopefully you can pick out what you need from this. Don’t take it as I’m bashing the game, but I felt let down.

    Again sorry for the horrible construction of this post.

    • Jay says:

      Thanks for the feedback, good and bad. I appreciate your detailed feedback Jarrod, we will certainly take it into consideration. On the issue of game length, I felt that with only one unit type at the moment, that stretching it out to last for 30 minutes or so would get old. Feel free to come over to the forums and join the discussion there if you or anyone else would like to help us shape the next version of the game. Cheers!

  6. Colby says:

    BRAINS! i luv binary space!
    i played oc3 and i wished it had the army in it as a unit. also where are all the infected on the sides coming from, other towns probably.
    and how do the little outbreaks in the middle of the town get there? if the viris went through the air, we’d all die, and then no outbreak class 3, is there?
    and last of all,the pilots in dc are 2 hard 2 get 2 and get back. can the nuke timer me like 3mins 30seconds instead of 3 mins. the pilots took like 3 seconds 2 long 2 survive. so after failing a few times, i started and straight away put a small squad near the pilot. i won.
    other then that, great game!

  7. grg34 says:

    game looked great but did anyone else have the problem where the units wouldnt move or was it just me?

  8. James says:

    What I really want to see is a sandbox mode… something without a countdown timer. It would be great if you had the option to at least TRY to clear the map of zombies, or at least to see how long your guys could survive for.

  9. Colby says:

    yeah, i agrewith jarod, its way to rushed, and it should be a sandbox game like the simulator.

  10. Rob says:

    Honestly, I loved this game, and I was disappointed at the same time.

    Not to rehash what jarod said, but he summed it up perfectly:
    it’s short, it has a confusing interface, and it feels like zombie outbreak 1.5.

    At the same time, that’s what I loved about it: a zombie outbreak simulator I could control, I could pick my battles and each man I lost was a blow.
    Then the nukes dropped, and I had 3 mins to finish. All my rush was stopped I realized that there was 3 minutes left of this little world, and while the mission was fun the first two times, it gets old very quick.

    A survival mode would be amazing, no time limit, no end until you die (or kill all the zombies). I know i’m probably simplifying, but just adding the squads to zombie outbreak sim would fix almost all of my gripes with the game. Perhaps add an option to have zombies constantly flow out of one side of the map, and then try to keep your little 8 man team alive as long as you can.

  11. Joe says:

    I really, really enjoyed the game.

    I don’t get why several people are acting like it was a big disappointment. This is a free game, and I felt that it was really well done.
    Of course there are things that could be improved upon that have been mentioned: hot keys, lack of a sand box option, more units, more maps, more missions, etc. But I have a hard time saying that because all of those options are missing, this FREE FIRST VERSION of the game was a let-down.

  12. wazguy232 says:

    good game, just needs more game modes and things like that, would be loads better. keep up the good work.

  13. Ryanbru says:

    Yeah i agree with Rob you guys should just simply make cop Units on ZOS and i would pay thhe game lots more the fact i can change settings of zombies,people,guns,ect just made ZOS awsome and i keep thinking “man wouldint it be super awsome to controll the police units and just hold off.

    but still C3O was a great game to play but i think ZOS was much more replayable.

  14. outbreak 3 is awsome!!!! says:

    why does the nuke happen… sorta ruins it sorry but it made my game eachtime like 5 minutes long which sort of ruins the fact survive the undead D:

  15. outbreak 3 is a let down :/ says:

    ok i just did that in like 3 minutes cause i died by huge horde trying to run because of the short buke timer….sorry but i think we waited for ages yet the zos is better :/

  16. outbreak 3 is a let down :/ says:

    ok i mean i just did it again umm… i holded out outbreak 1 for pfft 17mins and 33 seconds and um outbreak 2 5 seconds…..i mean seriously it just came in a flash and then its the 3 min timer….it feels like ive just played the game just to get blown up or escape ._. no real fun in that

  17. outbreak 3 is a let down :/ says:

    just to ask when WILL this become a pay for it game???? & will it be one time pay or…? + if the paying 1 is a let down well :/

  18. Jay says:

    For someone who doesn’t like our game you sure comment about it a lot :) The game is still under development, and the first release of C3O is still in early stages. We haven’t got even a half solid release date for new versions of the game yet, sorry.

    A lot of people have been asking for a sandbox mode, but the fact is that ‘simply’ adding that feature would require the addition of another dozen features to make it worthwhile and enjoyable. Rest assured though we do listen to your requests.

    Thanks everyone for your feedback and comments.

  19. Colby says:

    what about instead of ‘simply’ adding a sandbox 2 oc3 add the ability to control police in zombie outbreak simulator, would it b easier?

    • Jay says:

      Pretty sure I’ve asked Saxon, our coder, this same question and I believe that would probably be the more difficult option. You’ll just have to have patience sorry! Will let everyone know a ballpark release date for the next version when we ourselves know :)

  20. outbreak 3 says:

    could u just add the outbreak detected feature on zombie simulator ? ;D so then it doesnt end when the zombies die….

  21. outbreak 3 says:

    just did infection time 1 min so its abit like that xD cause they just pop up infected ppl anywhere o.0

  22. outbreak 3 says:

    hey i just found a 2009 google on zos faintly north of the football pitch at the path next to the cricket pitch or whutever + i dont hate the game…i just think the nuke ruined the survive point D:

  23. outbreak 3 says:

    could u tell me a preview on that ur aiming for on the next one????

  24. outbreak 3 says:

    i got an idea make a police station with a special commander inside if the commander gets infected the police station stops making some police men that u get over time??

  25. outbreak 3 says:

    the police station thing u cud make a max amount so u cant mass or they dont become yours and they become some AI ally squad that wonders around?

  26. outbreak 3 says:

    10000 civ 10% armed %accuracy 50 start zombies from north very slow 5 sec infectyion 8 police 100% accuracy im at 23 mins 10 seconds xD and the stats atm are 5217 civ 2834 zombies 2081 dead

  27. outbreak 3 says:

    game over at 29 mins xD

  28. outbreak 3 says:

    Police Evacuated: 8 800
    Pilots Evacuated: 1 200
    Scientists Evacuated: 0 0
    Zombies Killed: 723 1446

    Count Down Remaining: 1:10 350
    Class 1 Duration: 18:03 5415
    Class 2 Duration: 6:08 1840

    Total: 10051
    i just got 2nd on your list YEAH!!!!!

  29. outbreak 3 says:

    im 12th overall xD

  30. outbreak 3 says:

    plz help!!!!! i cant get onto simulation!!!! it says i need latest ver i dled it and it doesnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. outbreak 3 says:

    i just got an idea if u release another sand box mode one add a option to make ur own random outbreak somewhere to add fun ;D

  32. outbreak 3 says:

    you should make a more intelligent AI say like if u had ai allies they go for zombies and the zombies sort of roam/go for humans

  33. Joshua & Ayla says:

    all it needs is more units such as FBI SWAT Army and maybe even possibly even the president and his body guards i mean DC is the capital.

  34. Glenn says:

    Its close but not amazing. Adding survival mode was great, you can play that for awhile. However, its very easy. Maybe faster zombies in said mode? Also I do like the idea of more units but they must be very distinct. Destructible walls too much to ask for? Probably. I was just thinking that would make some type of rocket launching unit rather helpful. More missions, I don’t see a point in more maps though. I’m fine with one as long as there is a lot to do on it. Timer = very bad, but understandable judging from your comment above. Survival is good but needs more things to do. Possibly visit other police holdouts and get more units? Or maybe rescue civilians and bring them to said holdout, which you also have to defend while your other forces are away? Complication is painful but it will certainly make the game better! Love your work, ZOS is good and so is Co3, but maybe Co3 needs a few more basic elements from ZOS? Such as more customization of civilian self defense and number of zombies. Anyways, thanks for the game, the internet is in your debt! Sorry for the giant paragraph, I am just too lazy to make it seperate.

  35. mj says:

    i know the spot on each map that will allow you to survive indefinitely. anyone else know it?;)

  36. canadadry says:

    Where is the spot? Anyway, I can’t find the evacute buttone that is in the press relese…

  37. robert stewart says:

    i just wish the o.b.s was available to download id seriousely brick my pants thtd be soo epic

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