ZOS for iOS: Call for Beta Testers!

Hi everyone,

The long-awaited update to Zombie Outbreak Simulator for iOS is well underway! I now have all the core gameplay features ported to the new cross-platform project that I’m building for both iOS and Android.

ZOS for iOS on multiple devices

There’s still lots more to do before it’ll be ready for a full release. However, I’m at the stage now where I can start some very early beta testing in the next week or two.

If you’d like to help me beta test the update, please fill in this form. I’ll be in contact when I’m ready to start testing.




  1. Olivier says:

    I just filled the form. When Do you think your going to start the testing.

    • Saxon says:

      Hi Olivier, it’ll probably be some time next week by the time I finish off a few things remaining before the beta will be ready, and then get the beta approved by Apple.


  2. Jaysom Vhalkyre says:

    Id like to test.

  3. Leonardo says:

    Just filled the form. I hope it’s not too late because I really want to beta test it :)

    • Saxon says:

      Hi Leonardo, it’s not too late – I’m aiming to start beta testing in a few days, so will send out the invitations soon. There’ll also be a few rounds of beta testing (there’s still a bunch missing in this first round), so still plenty of time to get in yet.


  4. Ray Reyes says:

    When do you think the full update will be released? Ive been a big fan of this game, and ive been playing the unfair ios version instead of android because I only have apple phones. :P

  5. Alexander Burdeos says:

    I’ve been playing this Zombie outbreak for hours , I am glad it will have apps , Oooh I’ll be the first one who will download this <3 <3 , Keep it up,

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