3rd iZOS Video Update

Here’s the 3rd update on the development of Zombie Outbreak Simulator for iOS!

Zombies will now chase and attack humans, who then die, zombify and come back. Shouldn’t be long before the next update as well!

Have a look at the development video on youtube:




  1. Zane says:

    looks really good keep up the good work

  2. um, what happend to pc updates??

  3. meh says:

    meh why no work on pc version why? why? why!!/1/1//1/1/1!?!!!??!!?!!!!?!?!??!

  4. TJMW says:

    As much as I can wait, I would like a return to work on the PC ASAP please :)

  5. The Utah says:

    I agree. I understand that you will be able to make money doing this but you must remember to beef up the PC version before anything else only about 10% of your fans own an apple device. So I wouldn’t recommend leaving us PC gamers out. Unless you want to follow the path of Project Zomboid…poor guys

  6. TJMW says:

    Utah speaks the truth, because you have to remember that we were the ones who played the game first, and who provided the feedback that allowed you to make the game better. Please, don’t abandon us for the ios devices… :'(

  7. Jorge says:

    Im an apple ipad owner, i love this game…and i want it… But i think it is not going to be a free app…

  8. bon says:

    nice. hoping minimap’s available so I can see the whole progress.

  9. Hope u guys are doing well with production of the iZOS development,and i was not aware of your reply for some time now, lol anyway nice to get a reply of developers, good luck with the game dev.

  10. canadadry says:

    I want it on iOS. Hell, with more cash they will make better games.

  11. Crabs_Of_Steam says:

    How come you don’t have the zombie out break simulator for the ipod as well? the ipod touch works just like the ipad, it’s just smaller, and another thing what kind of requirements is there to play the game? those are my questions, I still like the game so keep it up

    • Jay says:

      It will be available for 3rd gen iPods onwards, we just tested and confirmed that they would work last week. Other requirements – you’ll need to be online to play since the game uses Google Maps. Thanks!

  12. Dame says:

    Is there going to be a PC update anytime soon? It’s been awhile now :/

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