C3O Release – Fog of War and Recruiting

Hi guys,
We’ve just released a new version which you can check out now: http://www.class3outbreak.com

The two main features are Fog of War and Recruiting.


Fog of War represents what your survivors can see, where they have been, and where they have not been. The dark area shows unexplored regions, while the semi transparent areas have been explored, but you don’t have line of sight. This compliments the next feature release, recruiting.

6 survivors are now scattered across the map for you to find and recruit. Simply walk up to them (or let them walk up to you) and you will be able to control them. You have no way of knowing where they will be, so you must send your guys out and try to find them. Be careful later on in the game as they could be infected when found.

We’ve also added a brief intro/story/goals/tutorial, which will be built upon in future versions and will eventually work like the original C3O tutorial.

There’s also a few other minor tweaks, with fatty now taking a little less time to turn, and running slightly faster, among other things.

Keen to hear how you go, how long you last, etc!


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