Story Writer Required

UPDATE 20th July: We are no longer looking for people for this position. Thankyou to everyone who applied.

We have just begun full time work on our zombie game, Class 3 Outbreak! Part of the upcoming development involves writing up a compelling game-world and backstory that we can use to give our game some character. Story will be used throughout the game in the background to give the game context, through dialog, game objectives, an in-game journal, and potentially even for missions.

Jay is currently writing the dialog, but we require an experienced writer to help us create a detailed game world, backstory and to advise on already completed dialog.

Effectively, we need a “creative writer advisor”. The position will be a short contract period (~20 hrs) to develop all of the above. Ideally you will have one or all of the following:

  • Experience in writing for games and/or interactive storytelling
  • Experience in writing novels or screen plays
  • Specific background or interest in apocalyptic tales, sci fi, horror and drama
  • Credits in completed projects
  • Knowledge of the zombie and horror genres in games, film or novels

Please apply to and include your resume and writing samples that are relevant to this position and target audience.


  1. William Marmont says:

    I’d apply formally, but I’m not entirely sure if I would qualify for the position. I have several years of experience in forum roleplaying (or interactive storytelling as it’s called above) as well as writing my own novels. I don’t have a resume or writing sample ready at this time, but I’d be willing to dig some public samples up from my forum accounts if the position doesn’t require too high of qualifications. If permitted, I could also create another writing sample to submit, instead of using roleplays from years ago, as I am rather embarrassed of my skill compared to the college educated British I was roleplaying with. Of course, my skill has developed from that time, so creating a fresh piece would yield the best results.

    I’ll gladly apply via email if I’m able to present an entirely new piece, and the “experience” qualifications don’t require credits (as forum roleplays rarely finished).

    Oh, and I’ve watched several of the classic zombie films by George Romero as well as the 28 Days Later series(?), so I have background knowledge on how to develop a storyline involving the undead/infected.

    Kind regards,

  2. Marcus Fausti says:

    I fit all of the things you have listed except credit in completed projects other than those assigned by teachers and professors. I have been giving honors for participation in the writing sections of standardized state tests. I have more than exceptional knowledge of history and film. Especially those in the field of the undead. I am also very knowlegable in the fields of virology and the occult if those subjects help to develop more of a story. However I assure you I am not whacked out of my mind for having knowledge of such far out subjects. I have been a huge fan of your staff and product since discovering when you all were starting out. I would like very much to be involved and was wondering that even if I cannot be the major writer if I could be called upon due to my extensive knowledge.

  3. Colby says:

    Damn…. I’m no good at creative writing….

  4. Jean-Nicolas says:

    Well, I may not be that good at writting, but hey, I’ve got uber Ideas :))

  5. Dean says:


  6. William Kennedy says:

    Sucks this is over. I’m an excellent writer and have experience in Novels, Screenplays and heck, comic books. Ironically, almost all about zombies.

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