Class 3 Outbreak V1, what to expect!

Hello eager brainz hungry zombie fans. The first release of Binary Space’s zombie RTS, Class 3 Outbreak is not far off now. We have been following fan feedback all over the internet and are keeping a close eye on feature requests on the forums.

We realised that people have little idea of what to expect from the first release, so we thought we’d share with you a bit of a feature breakdown, so that your hopes and dreams of some infinitely complex zombie RPGTSMMORPG aren’t horribly crushed!

The first free game to be released in (very) approximately 3-4 weeks will be a fairly simple flash game, much like a playable Zombie Outbreak Simulator, called “Class 3 Outbreak” (C3O). We will be distributing it across flash games portals, which we hope to make ourselves some decent money from sponsorships and advertising to fund the sequel.

C3O will be an RTS with 1-2 maps, 1 unit type (police) and your basic terrifying zombies. We hope to give you a fun game in which players are tasked mainly with crushing outbreaks as they occur across the map. The challenge lies with quickly reaching outbreak sites and efficiently taking out all zombies before they can spread out of control. There will also be an escort part of the game which was featured in the trailer. We wont give away everything that happens though! If you’d like to get yourself tactically acquainted with the next outbreak locale, we have chosen Leicester, England in a classic suburban area that we feel that many people will be able to relate to. The Washington DC map will probably return as well.

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To create some competition (against yourself and other players) we will be tracking the players score, which is affected by the amount of outbreaks you control, how many zombies you take out, how many people you escort to safety and so on.

What lies ahead after this first iteration of Class 3 Outbreak? That all depends on how the first one goes! It will almost certainly be a premium, pay version of C3O, probably with a free demo version. The only things we can guarantee at this point are lots of fun unit types, new maps and zombies :) There is a certain feature that has been requested many times that we are very excited about, but in game development you never know what will happen, we make no promises! When will it come out? For now its probably safest to say “sometime in 2010”!

Saxon and I look forward to bringing you the first version of C3O soon-ish!

Thanks to all the fans for following us, and I’ll see you on the forums, and facebook, etc!



  1. Jake says:

    Damn, this just gets better and better.

  2. Eredale says:

    Would there be a survival mode, where you try to survive against tons of them by going into houses, running while shooting back, etc?
    Even if there won’t be, still this would be great

  3. Jay says:

    Eredale there wont be a mode exactly, but there are elements of survival gameplay. You could also choose not to follow the mission objective and hole up where ever you like on the map. Its not much of a challenge though, due to certain features that wont make the first game.

  4. Omegafrost69 says:

    Hopefully eventually you guys will make it where there will be soldiers and be able to construct bases. Hopefully there will be barriacades, 3d maps, see through buildings, essentially make it like racoon city. Also have troop production, helicopters that can drop off squads and pick people up. Hell make it where there is an opposing force too. Look I’m one of the biggest zombie fans around and I’m telling you if you make it like that people will buy it like crazy. I know I would. LOL! Anyways good work so far!

  5. ryry5050 says:

    looking forward to the game
    looks fun

  6. Zetheracaur says:

    Im glad theres going to be a new map. How much would we have to pay per month. Or is it a one time buy.

  7. Dan says:

    Looking REEALLLY forward to this game, i just found it today, and it’s crazy fun. I wish there was more units though, other then just police and civilians. Like soldiers and vans and swat teams and etc.

  8. Jay says:

    thanks for the positive feedback guys, I wish there were more units too but I’m afraid you’ll probably have to wait! :/

    Zeth we haven’t decided for sure yet, but more than likely it will be a once off payment.

  9. Michael L says:

    One off payment would be brill!

    Would be funny, if you failed, the map become overrun and you had the option of dropping nukes all over the show.

    I needless unnecessary charm lol

  10. The walking dead says:

    very cool.

    I want to be able to control the zombies or the humans. I want to be able to individually direct units, then have them function on their own when Im not screwing with them.

    So maybe I go attack some people/zombies, then the unit will go about its business fighting so forth.

    If you are going to set this up where people can enter into multi player matches, that will be really awesome.

    Different game scenarios, for story. Maybe protect the president, protect the senator, protect the school children, so forth. Also anti hero scenarios like take advantage of the situation, rob the bank, get revenge, go riot and steal stuff…lets face it, some people will really be doing such things when the opportunity presents itself in the form of a zombie apocalypse.

    Military bases, gun shops, stuff for resources. Would be awesome if on the maps you choose to use, you edited out via photoshop the cars, and added them as game units, so human units could use them…Just like in the dawn of the dead remake when the shit hits the fan people are driving around batshit insane freaking out running over people so forth. Speaking of maps would be great if you released a map creating kit, stuff prefabricated, just load the google map of your down and edit it up for some game personalization.

    The skys the limit, you can have all sorts of vehicle units, everything from battleships firing into the map, to Chinook helicopters rescuing survivors. Also the units, humans and zombies should have in my opinion individual ratings, so if they are good survivors in the simulation the individual unit has greater experience points.

    As for zombie interaction on the map, I want them to be able to break into houses on the map, when they do I want to here windows breaking, you get the idea.

    Definitely a great idea guys, good work, keep it up, I look forward to this.

    I am a huge fan of the zombie genre.

  11. Mitchell says:

    I would like to be able to control single and groups of units, say tell the zombies where to attack or tell the humans where to run.

  12. Jannie says:

    i want where you can click any person and the will be infected and click anywhere on the map is where the many zombies you picked will spawn there.

  13. chris says:

    make military forces and fire dept litte heilcopters
    evac centers Quraratine buildings civilan cars fire
    make stuff explode

  14. Jarod says:

    Pay for the game? Heh….

  15. Steave says:

    Looking forward the only thing that might ruin it is you will have to pay….:<

  16. connor says:

    i think that there should be idots running around, normal people, gun nuts (guys with lots of guns) and verterans (guys that are experienced and smart and good fighters)

  17. John Christ says:

    Just stumbled across this site while a had a brief respite at work.

    Very excited to go home and really check it out as I have been looking for a Zombie RTS ever since I picked up “World War Z” last year.

  18. Benny says:

    How much do u think the game will cost?

  19. DannyDaNinja says:

    Yay. I come back to this site in a month and it looks like progress is finnally being made.

  20. tjw says:

    there should be riots and humans fighting humans when the outbreak gets to class 3, and there should be SAS and soldiers and more specific zombie and civilian options( such as being able to set the number of civvies to say, 14,562 and the number of zombies to 1,457.)I finally think you should make an updated version of the sim, and making it so you can take control of a civilian or zombie by clicking them.

  21. Jade says:

    Great game, what most people said and im gonna say the same is that im looking forward too the game, but then again paying..thats a different story. anyways enough with the swat stuff i would love it but..all i would really want is this. able too control people which you have already done, CLASSES. Where the police evolve into different classes etc Deputy/Sheriff/Swat/Fbi Etc etc etc. and stat points where you upgrade them. dont make it like a mmo just add it like. resist from infecting or damage or more health. like that. over all good game love the games uve been making. good luck on the game making

  22. outbreak 3 says:

    quite anoying i sent some money = do i still have to pay for the game? that would be dissapointing ._.

  23. Revan says:

    I really love the fact that you made the police units able to fire at multiple zombies instead of the squad all firing at one target, this was handy when I had to go and save anybody that found a place to hide within an building or between cars. However the only thing I would like see is the ability to attach more units to a squad (that way in D.C I don’t have to have my police force consisting of three move around when my other squads of two and one hold out at a spot). I would also enjoy it if you could hold up inside a building or be able to find more weapons. Besides these small things, the game will never get old.

  24. Ryan says:

    Great! But like every one else, paying? That kinda ruins it.

  25. Canadadry says:

    I prefer ads than paid version. Maybe the paid version would be without ads… I hate paid version since I am only 15 and than hate the developpers… I love games from pro-ads one…

  26. Jay says:

    Thanks for the compliments and feedback everyone.

    Paid version = no ads is an option. Understand that if there is no payment options whatsoever, there would be no game whatsoever :) Ads simply don’t make enough money on their own.

  27. Lucho gamer says:

    More units! please MORE UNITS!!


    helicopters,but moving ones,so the player can use it.

    Bases,military bases.And make the game endless like without time 4 the missions.

    please post r send me some pictures of the new class 3 outbreak V1

    srry 4 my bad english,im from argentina.

    btw,the class 3 outbreak its a wonderful game :)

  28. Lucho gamer says:

    More units! please MORE UNITS!!


    helicopters,but moving ones,so the player can use it.

    Bases,military bases.And make the game endless like without time 4 the missions.

    please post r send me some pictures of the new class 3 outbreak V1

    srry 4 my bad english,im from argentina.

    btw,the class 3 outbreak is a wonderful game :)

  29. nick says:

    Can you make a map from around my area (great bentley, essex, england) Plus it would be good if you could set up in a building so the zombies carn’t just walk in they would have to break down the door and hijack cars, vans ect.

  30. darkblade says:

    @nick they are developing map creation atm. also zombies can’t hijack cars.

  31. tom says:

    just wondering why have maps got smaller
    if this question already been sed and anserd soz

  32. Colby says:

    i think if its gonna be pay 2 play, some non paying things should be released sometimes….
    for example,everytime 3 updates for paying players are released, 1 non payer update is released.
    this will ensure a continuing stream of player, paying or not.

  33. Andy says:

    I hope class 3 ver2, should have:

    -objectives, like escape from the area within 10 mins or else get hit by a tactical nuke.

    -the ability to call in support such as air strikes, AC130 support and supply drops. But these supports do not need resources, u just need to have a cooldown bar before you can use it again.

    -ability to barricade inside a building, and the ability to contruct barricades anywhere by moving cars.

    -ability to use vehicles.

    -and finally if you want to make a full game, you should make a full screen downloadable version, where in one gamemode you could change the infection setting whilst controlling one squad of policemen or just one police officer. Then sitback and see the carnage unfold.

    All in all, an excellent game guys, I believe you guys have extreme potential.

    Also if you guys strike it big in the video games industry, could you please make a zombie survival horror free roaming game, like Grand Theft Auto 4 but with more zombies and the ability to barricade and find survivors. In conclusion, thanks for a great game.

  34. joey says:

    umm im new to this game and it seems pretty fun but is there more units and stuff because it says like”available units:policeman”or somthin like that or if there are more maps or different modes that i havnt unlocked yet….

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