Zombie Outbreak Simulator is Out!

Zombies Infect Google Maps®!

Australia, November 21st: Flash game developer, Binary Space releases “Zombie Outbreak Simulator” (ZOS), a sandbox application running on Google Maps®. ZOS allows players to unleash waves of zombies on the unsuspecting people of Washington DC. Players can tweak a number of zombie and infection variables such as zombie speed, infection rate, number of civilians and shooting accuracy to create their own version of a zombie outbreak. Watch as up to 15,000 civilians are chased down, attacked and infected by hundreds or thousands of shambling (or terrifyingly fast!) zombies over a 1km square area.

Zombie Outbreak Simulator is Binary Space’s “teaser app” for their upcoming zombie RTS, “Class 3 Outbreak”, which also runs on Google Maps. Game designer, Jay Weston says, “ZOS and Class 3 Outbreak are by far the most ambitious games to be released on Google Maps, we can’t wait to see what the reaction is like. A large scale zombie infection has never been simulated like this before.” Programmer, Saxon Druce has coded each of the 15,000 map inhabitants to behave individually and interact with terrain on Google Maps, meaning that characters move under trees, around walls and into buildings, all while running at 30+ frames per second on very average PCs.

More details about ZOS and Class 3 Outbreak can be found on the Binary Space (www.www.binaryspacegames.com) and Class 3 Outbreak (www.class3outbreak.com) websites.


  1. me! says:

    …and within two days its all over the l4d circuit. Everybody wants to play in a real zombie simulation. Hopefully you guys can pull something off. A zombie RTS is a very good start indeed. Maybe that will be successful enough to further endeavor. Food, water, ammo, not just ‘supplies’ or a store…I can see it now…alas I must wait. I do reasonably well in flash, but that does not mean I can make games anybody wants to play. So I wait.

  2. Gryndyl says:

    My biggest suggestion would be to have citizens represented as green dots on the minimap. When you’re down to 2 survivors it can be extremely tough to find them to see how they’re faring.

    • Jay says:

      Thanks for all the compliments and suggestions. Grydnyl we originally showed green dots as well, however it made the actual minimap itself impossible to see. It was nothing but green and red dots. Also since civs don’t really “matter” so much (poor guys), and they’re everywhere, we thought it was unnecessary. Maybe if we ever come back to the sim and update it, we could “show civs if <10 remain"

  3. trần quốc minh says:

    it very fun
    i like it

  4. trần quốc minh says:

    wow this game is fun . also since civs don ‘ t really ”matter so it free to buy this game and they evẻywhere zombie in this game , i can move .so the nuclear attackin this city , im dead and can’t survivor

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