Welcome Chris Gardula

I just thought I’d do a quick post to welcome Chris Gardula to Binary Space!

Chris just started today after my hunt for a concept artist for Binary Space’s new zombie game. Here’s a small sample of some of Chris’s previous artwork:

You can see more of Chris’s awesome work on Facebook, ArtStation, Instagram or Twitter.




  1. Jack says:

    wow! What awesome work! what a worthwhile investment you found!

  2. Devon Tracy says:

    How often do you scroll through submitted maps and upload them for everyone to see? I’d like my maps to show up on mobile. I’d be interested in an addition that allows you to login and use your maps without needing to submit them if the process is slow.

  3. Kristian says:

    Are you going to update zombie outbreak simulator please let me know your plans for it

  4. mikiju says:

    this doesnt rly look like a zombie game im scared that i will be wery disapointed IF you are actualy still working on it RIP c3o
    sorry for my english

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