ZOS for iOS: Beta Testing Started!

Hi everyone,

Apple has approved my first beta of the Zombie Outbreak Simulator update for iOS! I’ve just sent out invitations to the 60 people who’ve signed up for testing so far.

ZOS for iOS update ready for testing

This is only the first round of beta testing – I’ll be releasing more updates to the beta testers as I complete them. In particular this first version has no sound or music yet (that’ll be in the next update), player maps, tutorial, and a bunch of other things.

There’s still time to sign up to help beta test if you’d like to, just fill out this form and I’ll send you an invitation within a few days. If you’ve already signed up and haven’t received your invitation, let me know.



  1. Ray Reyes says:

    Hey Saxon, will there be any more features coming in to the game any time soon? Maybe things like, Rival Survivors, survivor groups, smarter survivors, bigger maps, vehicles, supply drops (survivors will fight for), and other cool things? That would make the game 100000 percent better :D

    • Saxon says:

      Hi Ray, the first goal is just to port the Android features over to iOS as-is. Once I’ve done that I’ll have a single code base for both platforms, and so I can add new features to both at the same time. cya, Saxon

  2. Ryan P says:

    Good Morning Saxon ( in your time zone ) ZOS is the best simulator game ever on ios. I’m also very excited that once you’ve complete the android version, there will be more features to the game. Once your main goal is finish, what is the estimated time the new features will be added. Because I’m so impatient and the time known will help me be calm. ;). Also, maybe your game will hit 20,000,000 million downloads and you’ll might make a pc and console version of the game. Your impatient Fan of ZOS, Ryan

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