C3O Update: ‘Rescue a person’ objective

Hi everyone,

I’ve just released an update to Class 3 Outbreak to add the ‘rescue a person’ objective. This is a third option in addition to the default objective of killing all the zombies, or the ‘get to a building’ objective.

To choose the ‘rescue a person’ objective for your map, click the Objective button at the top right of the editor:

Editor objective button

Then, switch to the ‘rescue a person’ objective:

Rescue a person

The person to rescue will be locked in a building at the start of the game. Click the Choose Building button to select the building:

Choose a building for the rescue a person objective

Then close the dialog, and save and publish your map.

For now the person who you need to rescue will be randomly selected from the named civs. When you start playing the map, the last sentence of the intro text says who you need to rescue:

Rescue a person objective start message

The building which the person is locked inside is shown with a red X on the minimap. When you get close enough to clear the fog of war you’ll also be able to see the person inside the building:

Playing the 'rescue a person' objective

The doors of the building will initially be locked, so the person to rescue can’t wander out, and zombies can’t get in. The locked doors are drawn a lighter blue than normal doors, and they act like windows (ie, you can shoot through them, and zombies will be able to see inside). As soon as one of your survivors walks close to one of the locked doors, all of the building’s doors will be unlocked and behave like normal doors again.

To rescue the person you need to recruit them like any regular named civ – so just walk up close to them with one of your survivors. If the person to be rescued dies or turns into a zombie, then you lose the game.

Besides the main feature of the ‘rescue a person’ objective, in this update I made a few other changes which were requested in the forums:

  • The fat guy’s accuracy has increased from 30% to 45%, to offset his slower walking speed.
  • When you start the game all three of your survivors are automatically selected. So if you wanted to move all of them together, you can just click once to move them instead of having to ctrl+click them all to group them together first. If you only wanted to move one of them, then just click that person to select only them, so it’s the same number of clicks as before.
  • Brought back double-click-to-run, from the original Class 3 Outbreak. So if you click to move your survivors, they will walk to the destination. If they see a zombie along the way, they will stop and shoot at it, then continue towards their destination. If you double-click to move your survivors, they will run towards the destination, and not stop for anything. The walk speed is now a bit slower than it used to be, but the run speed is a bit faster than the walk speed was.

The next update I have planned for C3O is to allow the map author to create a chain of multiple objectives – so rescue person A, then rescue person B, then get to building C, etc. However since I have been alternating between web and mobile, before that I will be doing some more work on bringing Google Maps back to Zombie Outbreak Simulator for iOS.




  1. Connor/Scorch says:

    Nice! Three new features added! Good progress. Please relax sometime and have a beer eh? :D

  2. Drago says:

    This game/simulator is finally showing its best years ago this was just a bunch of dots running around now its becoming a collection of great things. I hope soon that a rpg and more weapons aspect come into play also more people keep going thankyou


    • PullMull says:

      maybe something like a Hungerbar, so you have to loot for food.
      and i am dreaming about something like collecting Fuel for cars.
      lets say there are 10 randomly dropped Fuelcans on each map,
      so you collect at least 5 to fuel a car.
      once the car is ready u can choose betwen the 5 nearest maps to move on your journey.
      for each succsesfull played map you get points (until the player dies). so player can show there Highscores on a leadeboard.

  3. PullMull says:

    i really love the new/old way of Movement. feels much more natural.

  4. Joseph says:

    looks like a really cool idea, but you guys need a filter so people dont have to look at different maps to find a different mode.

  5. Drago says:

    I need some objective and Rescue a person map please

  6. vasan says:


  7. Isidro says:

    Can you something for you can customize your survivor?


  9. Anthony THE FAN says:

    Update ios plz thanks and when I’m making my map I’m not allowed to create in ontario were I live. :(

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