iZOS iPhone 5 Update Submitted to Apple

Hey everyone,

I’ve just submitted the updates to Apple for Zombie Outbreak Simulator and Zombie Outbreak Simulator Free for iOS to add support for the iPhone 5 (and 5th generation iPod touch)!

ZOS for iOS on the iPhone 5

Now I just need to wait for Apple to approve it – I’m guessing this will take a couple of weeks. Normally it takes about a week, but iTunes Connect shuts down for about a week over Christmas, so I presume my updates will have to wait until they get back.

For those of you more interested in the web version of C3O, I’ve started adding the ability to change the map’s start position. Hopefully I’ll have a work-in-progress screenshot of that up soon, and then release it soon after.

Back with ZOS on iOS, there was some big news about a week ago when Google released their new version of Google Maps for iOS. Along with that they also announced a new Google Maps API for iOS! I’m hoping this new API will make it possible for me to bring the Google Maps back to ZOS on iOS.

Google are currently gradually rolling out access to the new API. I applied for a key and was approved a few days ago. So soon I’m going to jump in and try to get ZOS to work on Google Maps again! :)



  1. Julian says:

    And guys, will you give updates To Class 3 Outbreak?

  2. Saxon says:

    Hi Julian, yes I’m also working on updates to C3O.

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