C3O release – Customize survivor names and build roadblocks

Hi everyone,

We’ve just released a new version of C3O, which you can play here: http://www.class3outbreak.com

There are two main changes in this version.

The first change is that you can now choose the names for the three controllable civs, instead of them being fixed to Ethan, Emil and Paul. The first civ uses your account name, and for the other two civs you can choose from your Facebook friends. You can also choose the type of civ for each of them.


The second change is that you can now build roadblocks, using wood which you can find when searching buildings (like ammo).


Our crowd-funding campaign at http://www.indiegogo.com/Class-3-Outbreak has just ended earlier today. Thanks everyone for helping us raise over $1300 – we’re really thrilled with that result! :)

Thanks especially to Ethan, Emil, Paul, Adam, Joao and Sean, who each donated $100. Now that the controlled civ names can be chosen, each of these supporters appears as a random civ in the game. At the moment you can’t do anything with these named civs, but in the future we plan to make it possible for you to recruit them into your group.

For now we have set all of these named civs to the default guy, but let us know if you’d prefer a different civ type, and we’ll change it in the next release. Also, your names are now listed in the credits at http://www.class3outbreak.com/credits – thanks again!

As well as these changes, Jay has made a number of tweaks to the various game settings, to change how the game plays. He wanted me to add this:

We’ve reduced civ auto attack distance (conserves on ammo, requires more player input, but still keeps you safe if you’re getting attacked).

Civ numbers have been brought up and zombie numbers down initially, with 2 min infection time. You have around 3 minutes to move around searching until you start really getting outnumbered. Watch out for reanimating zombies around this time (bright red dead people).

Maps with only a few buildings are still going to be mostly unplayable until we decide to implement a building dependent number of zombies and ammo.

Finally, we’ve added a new music track by Rhys Lindsay into the start of the game music.

We hope you like the new release – let us know what you think! :)



  1. Dame says:

    Barricades are awesome and I like customizing civs.Next please implement melee weapons,so when I play a map with limited buildings and run out of ammo killing the zombie masses I will be able to finish them off with some mutilating.

  2. Colby says:


  3. tehdood says:

    Haha! Thanks guys for this update! I love the barricade feature,it has saved me many times.

  4. I just got done playing it, i really like your game, but if there is one thing that makes the game alittle messed up is the lack of other surivor teams, maybe set up a trade system with them, and how you can get on top of buildings, hear me out here (Stairs and ladder concept: add stairs to the map editor and when they click on stairs they go to them then appear ontop of the building, and if there isnt a staircase on a building you could add a ladder item during search and when found (can only carry 1 ladder) they would go into build mode select ladder and place it beside the building and it will act sortof like a door, they just walk along it and up onto the roof, i hope you take my idea into consideration, 9/10 stars Great Game!

  5. Dean says:

    I have to agree with Dame. So many times I have been like, “Wow! No ammo, one guy, 10 boards, all buildings have already been searched! What I wouldn’t give for a katana!”

    And also, you need to add items and weapons that you pick up along the way, that cannot be used then and there, but later, you can customize a character “loadout” to go into battle with a new set of weapons and fresh tactics. Like instead of only semis, add a couple of automatics. I would prefer an ak-47 to a pistol.

    A couple more things. First, You need to do some spread damage. Like when I shoot one, and it goes wide, the bullet should hit the one behind it. Or next to it.

    And lastly, add the online multiplayer! and a freind system, based on the actual accounts on the site, so when playing alone, even without a facebook, you can play with people you befriended in the game.

    That’s all my ranting. Thanks!

  6. The Utah says:

    376 dead
    24 zeds left
    no ammo
    big open field
    1 teammate left


  7. Rovernic says:

    Guys they have some plans for lootable weapons, and to my knowledge they cannot/will not make multiple story buildings at this time. Also, Multiplayer would be amazing :D

  8. Zane says:

    look guys the melee i agree with and look i was a beta tester i have seen this game start at nothing and grow into something great and it will continue doing that but look multiplayer is just not going to happen or at least for a long long time and it wil cost them money that should be going else where in the game. so melee weapons good idea
    multiplayer good idea in the future but not right know.

  9. Dame says:

    I agree with Zane multiplayer would be a nice addition but other features,weapons,etc. need to be made first to have a satisfying multiplayer experience.

    Btw the Fog of war and recruiting has added some intensity to the game.Fog of war is good for those Zed ambushes and recruiting is tricky because a fellow survivor could be eating you in 3 mins.

  10. I Really enjoy the new recuit survivor idea but i really dont think the fog of war is a good thing for this type of game…i would still like to see a staircae so survivors can get onto building and a ladder that is found by searching houses, please fix the search house problem all small maps with few houses are unplayable due to the lack of ammo an wood, ~so says the necromurderer

  11. JJ says:

    I think that you guys should make it so more zombis come from the end of the map not randomly around the people

  12. Jonathon says:

    I don’t know if you folks played half life 1 but you should use the concepts of the military being a seperate faction that you cannot control. You could use them to maybe barter with or they can donate you weapons and ammo by completeing missions for them. That would most certainly solve the ammo issue or when a soldier or a armed civi dies they drop ammo and weapons. Then with this you could go back to the infinite zombie concept with a little or a lot more positive feedback. Alot of gamers/movie audience play or watch movies just to watch the AI/Characters go at it with each other and see how cool and realistic it is. Anyways I hope you take my comment into consideration. I’ve played nearly ever zombie game that has ever came to america. I’ve also seen about 75%-80% of all zombie movies from the US and the UN. I’m a bit of a zombie finatic because I enjoy the concept of it. I’m just grateful you guys made a game concept that I daydreamed about since I was a kid back in 99 after beating RE2, and RE3. I hope I didn’t come off as a cocky person but if you want my semi expertise on zombies and getting good reactions from your core audience let me know.

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