Class 3 Outbreak – Searching buildings

Hey everyone,

We’ve just uploaded a new version of C3O with the results of our first three days of full-time work.

Play it here:

The main gameplay feature that we’ve added is the ability to search buildings. You now start the game with a limited amount of ammo for your 3 civs to use. However they can enter buildings and search for more ammo.

There’s also a bunch of smaller changes that we’ve made:

  • Smaller minimap, so it doesn’t cover so much of the game area.
  • Civs show up as dots on the minimap, when there are less than 50 of them left.
  • The ability to delete maps from the editor which you don’t want any more (as long as they haven’t been published).
  • Previously all published maps would be submitted to Jay to be moderated. With over 30 maps being published a day, this was starting to take a lot of time. We’ve now changed this so that you can choose to nominate your map for inclusion on the world map.

We hope you like the changes!



  1. Dame says:

    It would be neat if you added a melee mode.When your ammo’s depleted your civs will automatically switch to melee weapons.They could have a bat that would have farther range than the zombies claws keeping them safe.You could also switch to melee mode(q for melee mode and press it again to switch back to ranged weapons)to just save ammo. Melee weapons wouldn’t be effective in huge amounts of zombies because of the risk of being ran over by the masses.
    You could also give the civs a chance to block attacks like for defense and too many zombies could break the chances.1 zombie(100% block chance)2(95% block chance) so if there was a horde over 10 zombies(50% block chance)blocking would be suicidal.Also if you have some police buildings near a civ could equip a defensive item(no attack just blocking)like a riot shield(200% block chance to 1 zombie so larger amounts of zombies can be blocked example 20 zombies 100% block chance 0% from behind)or they could use a lid to a near by trash can(metal 150% or plastic 125% block chance).Inventory can be added too(each person can carry 5 items)and backpacks that are found can add 5 slots(person with backpack 10 slots).Crafted weapons could be added too(examples bat+hammer+nails=Nailbat rag+oil+matches+alcohol= moltovcocktail).you could also add waves of zombies too and the ability to barricade houses with planks(each plank takes 20 hits from zombies 10 planks to windows, 20 planks to doors,and 60 to garage doors)and the ability to set traps.I think my Ideas would add alot more realism and fun to the game.

  2. Austin says:

    I think you need to add help thing for people new like me can learn more stuff like how to get ammo because I myself don’t even know how to do that!!

  3. Alex says:

    While I like the new mechanics a lot, I feel that they detract from how the game used to be. Most of my maps feature very few buildings, so when my civs invariably run out of ammo I have nothing left to do except run them into the ever growing horde. Like Dame says, melee weapons would be amazing, or maybe just an infinite ammo pistol supplemented by high-powered larger guns (assault rifles, shotguns, hunting rifles, etc).

  4. Dame says:

    Austin you go into a building and press E or search building at the bottom of the screen.

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