Class 3 Outbreak – Now with controllable civs!

We’ve finally uploaded a version of the new Class 3 Outbreak which includes the ability to control civs!

Check it out here:

There’s still lots more to go, but this is a ‘first cut’, which we thought we’d put out there so that you can start to play around with it.

When you load a map, it will initially start the Zombie Outbreak Simulator as before. Click ‘Play a Game’ on the left, and it will reload and start a game. In this version you have three controllable civs who you can move around, and order to shoot the zombies.

Now that you are controlling civs instead of police, the game is more about survival than about attacking zombies. We’ve therefore changed the behaviour so that when you click to move a civ, they will no longer stop to shoot at zombies – they will just keep running. In the classic C3O you had to double-click to get that to happen. Your civs will however still auto-fire at zombies when the civ is standing idle. For the same reason, by default the game now starts already overrun by a map-wide outbreak of zombies (but you can still change that in the options).

In our crowd-funding campaign at, all perks for contributions of $100 or more include “Your name/character appears in the game world. Choose to be a zombie or civilian!”. Our plan for this is that your will appear as a non-playable civ or zombie roaming the map, which the player might be able to recruit later in the game. Our plan for the original civs that you start the game with is that they will be yourself, plus friends you’ve imported from Facebook (or just typed in). However we haven’t implemented any of that yet, so for now I just inserted three fixed names. As a temporary bonus for our two top contributors Ethan and Emil, we’ve included them as the first two controllable civs (and Jay rounds out the third). Also Ethan and Emil have been added to the credits page at Thanks Ethan and Emil for your support, and also to everyone else who has made a contribution! :)

As of this release, we’ve also decided to remove all of the ads from the site, as they just made it look bad, and they weren’t earning much anyway.

The next feature I’m planning to work on is the ability to group civs together, so you can move them as a group, instead of having to do it individually as they are now. And then of course we’ll move on to all of the other features we have planned, as described at

We hope you enjoy the new release! Let us know what you think :)


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