Half a Million

A couple of days ago Zombie Outbreak Simulator reached the milestone of half a million views, around 10 weeks since it was released.

Mochi stats

I thought it might be interesting to post where all those views came from.

According to Google analytics, around 25% of the hits were from returning visitors. So that makes around 375,000 unique people who’ve played Zombie Outbreak Simulator.

Almost every country in the world has had a play (yellow means no plays from that country):

The top ten countries are:

  1. United States – 44.0%
  2. Japan – 18.7%
  3. Canada – 6.4%
  4. South Korea – 6.2%
  5. United Kingdom – 4.9%
  6. Germany – 2.2%
  7. Australia – 2.1%
  8. France – 2.0%
  9. Spain – 1.9%
  10. China – 1.6%

Over 2700 sites have now linked to us, with most of our traffic coming in bursts as popular sites link to us:

ZOS has been successful way beyond our expectations – considering we just thought it would be an interesting preview for our real game, Class 3 Outbreak. We hope C3O will do even better – now we just have to finish it…!


  1. Dan says:

    Congrats!!! :D I hope its finished before the month is over! :o

  2. Colm says:

    Nice milestone :) well done folks!

  3. C3Ofaneo says:

    =o! GG guys great job and in C3O will there be the settings to change how meny zombes/people? i think thats what will make the game hints ZOS + moving cops and people would make a great game lol hopes for great success

  4. ellis says:

    hey well thats great i only wish u put in navy seals on class 3 out break

  5. outbreak 3 says:

    right u know the survival mode you have done? i would suggest maybe add the outbreak modes? so you have to be ovverun eventuly & the “infected approaching from side or whatever”

  6. outbreak 3 says:

    people are saying add army and stuf….i would say dont do it because i think its a bad idea to have kickass military going around pwning all the zombies if you can controll them -.-

  7. Glenn says:

    More options will increase those numbers x5!

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