Work in progress: Map start position

Hi everyone,

Since I released the editor infection settings update for C3O a few weeks ago, I’ve been held up a bit by boring things like moving the C3O forum and setting up a new Binary Space website. But now that those are done I’m spending a bit more time on actual game dev, hooray! :)

My current plan is to work on both the web and mobile versions of C3O and ZOS in parallel. On the mobile side I submitted an update to add iPhone 5 support to iZOS to Apple about a week ago, and am now waiting for them to review it.

For the web version of C3O, the next feature which I’m working on is the ability for the map’s author to set the map’s start position – ie the location on the map where the initial group of survivors is placed at the start of the game. This is to replace the current default, which is just the centre of the map.

I just thought I’d post a quick work-in-progress screenshot of how this is coming along:

Class 3 Outbreak set start position

I have this working in the editor now, but not yet in the game itself, so it’ll be a bit longer before it’s ready for release.

While I’m finishing up this feature for C3O, I’m also planning to start trying out Google’s new iOS SDK for Google Maps, to see if I can use it to get Google Maps back into iZOS.



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