C3O Update: Editor infection settings

Hey everyone,

The editor infection settings are now here!

Just click the big infection settings button at the top of the editor:

Infection Settings Button

Choose the infection settings you want for your map:

Class 3 Outbreak editor infection settings

Click OK, then save and publish your map, and you’re done!

Let me know what you think :)



  1. Andy says:

    Doesn’t work. Using Win 7 and firefox. When I type a map address I get:
    ID: 1009
    Name: TypeError
    Message: Error #1009
    Function: MapSelection.onSearchGoClick
    Step: null
    Version: WIN 11,4,402,287
    Release: 20121208

  2. zombie21943 says:

    =DDDDD thanks saxon!

  3. Julian says:

    Not bad, I like the idea.

  4. Montgomery says:

    I think that this could be better considering the map and the people who make it I say yes to it

  5. flexibletbone says:

    Nice, now i can play as a person and not have to have worries right when i spawn :D thanks for the update!

  6. Julian says:

    I know Not so many people visit The posts of the blog, but, Can somebody please make a Infection in Pripyat And Chernobyl, You know, i’m not very good making zombie maps (honestly i suck) and i want somebody to do it, can somebody, please?

  7. Saxon says:

    Just in case anyone else sees the error which Andy reported: It turned out to be caused by the HTTPS Everywhere extension.

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