Zombie Outbreak Simulator for iOS Update Released!

Hi everyone,

Apple approved the update for ZOS on iOS, so it’s now available on the store. Woohoo!!

ZOS for iOS update now available

You can get the free version of Zombie Outbreak Simulator for iOS (free to download and try out, with in-app purchases to upgrade), or if you’re sure you want everything you can go straight for the paid version.

So, what next? Bugs, that’s what :| I’m seeing some crashes on the Android version that I need to take a look at…



  1. CJ says:


  2. Freddie says:

    I can’t believe the day that I come back to look for new zombie sims after playing your awesome game over two years ago, there is an update out. Brilliant work!!!!

  3. Caden says:

    I Think you should add features that would improve the civ chance of survival like sending them indoors to fortify the houses and also improve the zombie ai such as making them being able to break windows so they can get in easier and also add more numbers to the zombie outbreak. Also i hope your doing well saxton :D

  4. A Chicken says:

    It’s released! Whoo hoo

  5. Matthew says:

    Great update. I have a few ideas I hope you can develop without much difficulty. If you don’t have the time or disagree, I completely understand. For soldiers, there can be 2 more options, such as squad of 6 soldiers, and platoon, where 18 soldiers are deployed. It could use the same animations, just with more troops. Also, another bomb option would be nice, like the A10 dropping 4 mk2 bombs to destroy larger hordes. Also, a way to control troops would be awesome, like plotting a point for all soldiers to move too could be fun, as you would be commanding an army to retake certain areas and such. You could also add a move to point for only nearby soldiers for more diversity. You could also add an option to designate a certain area as an evac zone, where a certain percentage of civilians will run to it to be evacuated, but some don’t so the map doesn’t get cluttered. Thanks for an epic game, and I completely understand if you don’t take these ideas, and I understand that it’s extremely difficult, especially the last 2 requests.

  6. Jack says:

    You should add a tank or something like a vehicle because then it could support the soldiers be cool and add like boss zombies like bigger ones so then it evens the game out

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