ZOS for iOS Update Submitted to Apple!

Hi everyone,

Just thought I’d put up a quick post – I’ve just submitted the next ZOS for iOS update to Apple for their approval!

ZOS for iOS waiting to be reviewed

The main change in this version is that it will finally bring back support for Google Maps! You will be able to choose from 15 online Google maps, or the current 5 offline maps.

ZOS for iOS online maps

ZOS for iOS offline maps screen

Apple usually take about a week to approve updates – so the new version will hopefully be available very soon!

Now that this iZOS update is done, I’ll be switching back to some more development on the web version of C3O. The next feature I have planned is adding the ability to chain together multiple objectives.



  1. Jason says:

    Will this be available to everyone with the free ZOS app, or do you have to purchase the full version?

    • Saxon says:

      Hi Jason,

      There’s an update for both the paid and free versions of ZOS. The free version includes two maps for free – one online/Google map, and one offline map. If you buy the 99c upgrade within the free version, then you get all 20 maps (same as the paid version).


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