Editor Infection Settings: Work in Progress

Hi everyone,

As I mentioned in my last blog post, the first update I’m working on is adding infection settings to the editor. So instead of your map always using the same infection settings as every other map, you can choose the settings which make sense for your map.

I thought I’d post a quick screenshot of how the infection settings are coming along:

Class 3 Outbreak editor infection settings

In my dev version I’ve built the UI which you can see in the screenshot, and the settings are also being saved and restored with the map. I now need to include the settings when the map is published, and then make the game itself use the modified settings. So I’m probably about half-way there at the moment.



  1. PullMull says:

    hell yea.
    good idea :D
    just a quick idea from my site about that.
    how about setting for a start and finish point/area??


  2. zombie21943 says:

    i can’t wait for the next update =D, thanks for the info!

  3. Liam Wilkie says:

    be good if you could get melee weapons for survivors

  4. Saxon says:

    Hi PullMull,

    After the infection settings, I’ll be adding the ability to set the start position. And then after that I’ll be adding objectives – so one type of objective might be to get to some other location.

  5. Just a question regarding newsletter says:

    I signed up to receive emails and newsletters from you guys, I just want to know have you sent any out as I never received one except the “Welcome to bla bla etc” when I first signed up? Thanks.

    PS its good to see you are still working on the Online game, really gets peoples hopes up when you post information. Next I advise you don’t leave it too long, I nearly lost hope that you died and I would of forgotten this ages ago so please don’t be too quiet. Thanks

  6. Ideas says:

    Just an idea, we have an option to call in paratroopers if you will. For example, a helicopter or plane fly to/over your position and drops 3-5 people with paratroopers to join you, there are many types which become available, for instance, during class 1, only policemen can be dropped from a police helicopter equipped with pistols/shotguns and they follow you around or perhaps seek out infected? During class two, Swat becomes available, drops down(ropes down?) from a police helicopter equipped with SMG’s and more health, Finally, class 3 allows you to call in two different types for when things get really tough. You could call in the military to be roped down from a black hawk equipped with assault rifles and can resist more damage. The second would be spec ops who would be parashooted in, perhaps these will be randomly be dropped all over the map without you knowing? Perhaps all will be parashooted randomly and you manage to find a squad and decide to follow them but what if they are leading you too your doom?

    Your thoughts?

  7. PullMull says:

    love u man

  8. cole egger says:

    for the infection settings you should add a “militay presence” setting level 1 being no military, level 2 besing the militay will come in if things get rough (like with roadblocks) level 2 slight militry presence when the level starts (patrols and tanks) level 3 would have a decent ammount of military present at first contact + reinforcements, level 4 would be like a military base.

  9. Saxon says:

    We only used the newsletter email for major announcements – I think the last one we sent was back in April, when we released ZOS on iOS.

    I’m currently thinking that police/military involvement might come in as part of the map’s editable objectives – like maybe you can find a cop or soldier somewhere on the map, and then do X with them.

  10. Connor says:

    Thank you Saxon for acknowledging my comment, as I previously stated above, would you consider the idea of random helicopters/black hawks dropping in troopers to do there own thing? I personally would enjoy heading to a place where I would know there would be troops dropping and I would think “Salvation” Then I would follow them in what ever direction when actually are they leading me into a group of 100+ zombies? I would personally enjoy having that feeling of whether I should stick with them.

  11. Saxon says:

    Hi Connor, yeah I think something along those lines could be an option. “Finding a soldier on the map” might mean that you find a soldier in a building, or that you see a helicopter dropping one in, or that you find a radio and call for help (which might result in an air-dropped soldier at your current location). These would be fairly advanced objectives, so probably wouldn’t be the first ones I’d develop, but I think they’d be feasible.

  12. Connor says:

    Quite a good idea Saxon but when something like this is going on in the world, why would the military bother to help civilians (you) when there are countless others? what makes your character special unless you plan to make our characters a policemen or something.

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