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It’s been far too long before the first weapon release, and we thought we’d start off by bringing you a shotgun in this latest version. The shotgun works differently from the pistol, in that you aren’t just clicking targets to shoot, you line up a template over as many zombies as possible and fire. Any zombies caught at close range will be scattered to the winds, while zombies further back will be damaged and pushed backwards.

Press 2 to ready the shotgun and aim the template, click to fire. If you decide you no longer want to fire, press 1. Shotgun is limited in ammo, and shells aren’t easy to find, so conserve ammo!

The only person to carry the shotgun for now will be yourself, and your friends provide backup fire using just pistols.

Other changes:
– Pistols are infinite ammo for now. This may change again if/when melee goes in.
– Pistols fire slower and are less accurate
– Zombies are faster
– Infinite zombie spawning from fog of war is out for now. We will revisit this later, but for now it has a few problems.
– Shooting in general should be more reactive. If you click to shoot now, you’ll get instant feedback rather than waiting for the survivor to pull his weapon out and fire. You still can’t fire as fast as you click, though.
– Survivors turn quicker and are more responsive to move.
– Fog of war radius larger
– Zombie/civ stats back in
– Numerous other balances/tweaks. Please tell me what you think of difficulty for “normal” suburban maps.

Hope you like it!

Jay and Saxon


  1. Colby says:


  2. Zane Griffin says:

    i love the shotguns cant wait for melee and machine guns but you guys made it so zombies dont spawn anymore i think you should make it so they re spawn on the sides of the map

  3. Dame says:

    I love the new update I hope you get the melee in soon :)

  4. Colby says:

    The game is very fun right now, but is WAY to easy.

  5. Dame says:

    Colby when the melee comes in I’m sure the game will be more challenging with limited pistol ammo and making sure your survivors don’t get dog piled by zeds when they are hitting them away with bats and rakes and what not.

  6. Eredale says:

    I think that the game is pretty easy now, yes, now that the zombies lose horde density over time. You are either forced to run for cover, or you are yawning while safely whacking zombies from the cover.

    I think the problem here is that zombies cant traverse edges, and get stuck lots. Then you just walk to a helpless horde and pulverize them.

    Also, feels so bad when you run through a horde, and your char is the only one getting bitten. There goes my shotgun D:

  7. Paul says:

    Awesome. This is a really good update. Love the shotguns and infinite ammo for pistols!

  8. freak says:

    i think the spawning thing should be left out i like the idea of being able to retake the city by barracadeing doors and setting up road blocks as the zombies try to break thru i say fix the zombies getting stuck thing and make it if a zombie sees you you have a short time before he lets out a feeding grone alerting other zombies in a raidius to you possition

  9. Dame says:

    More organized zed hordes sounds awesome like stupid at first and then when they see you they let out a feeding groan that makes other zeds in a certain audible radius to follow and attack you and your followers.

    Zed types would be a challenge too.

    Sleepers:are on the ground acting like a dead body and when you get too close bam they grab your ankle and take a chunk out of your leg.

    Roamers: normal wandering zeds if they smell food or hear close noise or see you they will shamble towards you to attack you they could have the ability that makes them smell scents so they could track survivors down making them different from the normal zeds.

    Runners:at first are like roamers but when they detect you they run like the wind to hunt you down and bite your brains out and they could have the ability to dive at a survivor to knock them down and immobilize them.

    Torso Zed: a torn in half zombie a little slower than the normal but harder to hit and shoot at specializing in taking out a survivors legs(tripping them for others to feast on the survivor)

    Groaners:Normal zeds with the ability to let out a roar that rallies the zeds for a horde attack and could panic weaponless civs for a commotion for more hazardous situations.

    Strong/Muscular Zed: like the normal but tougher to kill and has the strength to grab a survivor and drag them to the other zeds to feast on them and could have the ability to instantly kill a survivor bye tearing a limb off of them causing them to bleed out and die in seconds.

    Fat Zed: slower and has a lot more health than a normal zed they specialize in being meat shields and could have the ability to vomit a stream at survivors that would infect them(50-50 chance for some suspense).

    Zed types would make a nice challenge and would make the virus have a evaluational or biological enchantment to the infected giving them a unique and realistic personality and ability.

    Survivors need to have the ability to be commanded to run(R key) so you could get them out of a tough spot faster and safer or to make them out run a runner(if they could).

    I would like to have the ability to control a survivor too(W forward A left S down D right Left Mouse button fire weapon or use melee weapon and you could use the right mouse button to command while controlling a survivor) it would give it a GTA feeling and it would add some more fun and playability to the game.

    I hope my feed back is constructive and useful.

  10. freak says:

    i like the control people with asdw and shoot with lclick but i dont think you can use right click becuse right clicking pulls up a menu

  11. huskyclaw says:

    shotguns are EPIC, but i would really like to be able to control those 3 police squads that were in the old two places, where u have to escape before the place gets nuked… can you at least add that as an objective for some places? maybe the creators of places could decide objectives…

  12. Dame says:

    Actually if the Programmer’s changed that they could use right click to do that.

    Husky for your idea I have had a thought that they could implement certain objectives or stories where you play as Swat,Police,the Army,etc. it’d be a neat concept I do say so myself :).

    I would love a mission with you and a bunch of marines and Humvee’s(they are scripted AI that do a certain objective like attack zeds,defend,follow you with you unable to control them,or they could do anything else then Author wants them to do)where you go through a city with the duty to quarantine,rescue civs,and to be a zombie kill squad.

    Btw a nice feature would be strategic machine gun placements that have a limited amount of ammo :P.
    Maybe some rocket launchers too for those special gore raining moments.

    The ability to find scrap and a torch to fix up a car or keys to drive it would be neat to with the need of gas,and multiple maps like going past the north map PoV would bring you to a different part of the city.

    Ideas and more Ideas will help you all a lot :D.
    Hope you get some updates tossed in soon I look forward to more content!

  13. Kyle says:

    The shotgun is nice. However, I feel with several of my favorite maps (such as Tokyo Nightmare by crimsonwraith89) have numerous buildings. Skipping all my wild requests, I feel that ammo for the shotgun should be balanced in the next update, maybe with a formula that calculates how rare loot should be based on map size and buildings or more loot items such as different ammo types for different guns or second-class destructible barricades (which would be good for sealing up a house). That’s my man request.

    P.S. Instead of the needy comments, why not look for a group of good beta testers? If you look at some popular gaming sites such as Kongregate or Armor Games you could easily find some experienced players who would be more than happy to complain about your game. Plus it could get some exposure out there for the game.

  14. Dame says:

    I’m a good Beta Tester I have had experience giving excellent reviews I’m a user on both of those mentioned sites and I would love to help Class3Outbreak out.

    Like I said this game has great potential and can become a bigger and better zombie survival experience.

    You need a tester I will help you out.

  15. Daniel Maldonado says:

    since the shotgun is born, have anybody watched Resident Evil… if so try to convince Binary Space to put their music on the website

  16. Dame says:

    That would be a mood setter :P

  17. Oh yeah awesome! shotguns! Cant wait for The rest of the weapons and melees :)

  18. Also Add Multi-player With Real People Please So they can Help out on killing the zombies and have that awesomeness of Multi-player Killing Zombies Please
    Do this If you do this add A chat :)

  19. Huskyclaw says:

    I got VSauce to put this game in a video :3 No need to thank me…

  20. topi l says:

    i wanna a cars,i use some 40mins to 1 level.if i can drive car in class3outbreak and shoot same time,then it can be really cool,and army soldiers whose shoot civ and zombies,you too and supersixe zombies whose have big hp and theyre slow but they spawn zombies every min

  21. john "bubba" says:

    god, i love bein a redneck…

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