Zombie Game Announcement

We have decided to release the first meaningful teaser for Binary Space’s upcoming game! While we are still giving away very little at this point, we can divulge that the game will be about those rather popular brain hungry zombies. I can hear you groan all the way from Australia, “another zombie game?”. How dare you! …I mean, yes another zombie game! However being a huge zombie movie and game fan I can tell you it will be completely unlike any zombie game before it.

I must have wanted to do a zombie game ever since I first saw Dawn of the Dead who knows how many years ago. Then when the new version of that movie came out, shortly followed by 28 days later and others, I developed a bit of an interest in all things zombie and survivalist. I’ve wasted many an hour and much of my own precious brainz playing Left 4 Dead, The Last Stand 1 and 2, and also tried out Pop Caps latest game Plants Vs Zombies, however I can’t understand all the hype surrounding it. I’ve also devoured World War Z (did you know the movie is coming out end of this year?), The Zombie Survival Guide and numerous other zombie novels. The only thing remaining is to go on one of those zombie walks…hmmm.

When compared to existing zombie games, ours will be in an untried and untested genre, with different game play, and quite different graphics. The game has just reached its first playable state, which is quite exciting, and the scariest thing about it is that the game play will present a lot of new challenges that haven’t really been tackled before. Well I can’t say much more but I’m confident we will soon be bringing you zombie madness in a way that should get you pretty excited.

Concept art from Binary Space's upcoming Flash Zombie Game

Concept art from Binary Space's upcoming Flash Zombie Game

The concept art you are looking at here was illustrated by myself (Jay) and it’s one of my first few attempts at any sort of “real art”, drawn using Photoshop CS2 and a Wacom. This particular image was copied from a photograph of a foggy street in the US, where I could envisage people leaning from windows and firing out. So I copied the street and then added in the people and zombies afterwards, keeping their forms extremely simple to hide my lack of skills in that department! I feel it works well for the subject matter though, luckily for me! It could probably use another zombie up closer so you really know what they are, but I’m on a bit of a schedule and my skills possibly aren’t developed enough to tackle a highly detailed rotting corpse close up!

Finally try not to read into the image too much, its much like the box art from old Amiga games – it certainly doesn’t represent the game play, genre or POV at all! Well, it does a little…

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  1. Mark W. says:

    Would love to beta test your game. I’ve been beta testing since I started gaming 11 years ago. My most recent beta testing experience was with Fallen Earth. I’m also a HUGE zombie fan! Additionally, I have a diverse technical background.

    Thanks for your time and I wish you the best of luck with your upcoming game!


  2. Simon says:

    Hell yeah! It seems like we’ve done the same things… wasted loads of time on L4D, read and re-read World War Z & the Zombie Survival guide – can’t get enough of it.
    I had a really good idea for a zombie MMORPG along the lines of World of Warcraft, but have neither that talent or the knowledge of how to get it going / created. But your upcoming game sounds exciting, so I’ll be staying tuned for updates… can’t wait!

  3. Dave says:

    Same here :) i’ve been looking for a good zombie survival game for a while. All the ones i’ve played are more horror based. L4D has been the best one so far but I’d like something more in depth.

    I’ll follow as well.

  4. zach says:

    that sounds great i would love to beta test your game iv been into zombies for 9 years and im only 13 ive been interested in zombies since i was 5 i love zombies and what they do and it might sound creepy but,,,,,…….i kinda want a real zombie apocalypse to happen not because peaple will die , its because i love zombies and i have allot of survival skills that ill probebly never get to show so yea i would love to beta test it for you so please let me i would appreciate it verry much

  5. zach says:

    ohh one other thing if you let me beta test your game ill give you all my suggestions for a new zombie experience :} thanks for readin this your friend zack!!!!!

  6. zach says:

    ohh one other thing if you let me beta your game ill give you all my suggestions for a new zombie experience :} thanks for readin this your friend zack!!!!!

  7. DannyDaNinja says:

    Great, can’t waint to play it… when i play your game i always pretend i’m one of the policemen and the others are my friends… can’t wait to actaully control them. =)

    Oh well, here’s an idea, maybe you could name the policemen, like Constable Dannydaninja or something? i don’t know just an idea, i think i’m going to play your game now.

  8. seth says:

    hey, i just found your game today, its freakn AWSOME!!! but one thing i like with zombies is some sort of military action, maybe you could either have a main cahracter the must survive being you as a lone soldier finding survivors or policemen, or you could make military checkpoints throughout the area were you have to get to and defend… dontforget possibly vehicles too, and military should have semi/ full auto weapons… just an idea, but great work!!!!

  9. Will says:

    I certainly would LOVE to beta test this new game. I love zombies, I love RTS, what’s not to love? I found out about your simulator today and I LOVE it. It makes me think of the astronauts on the ISS in World War Z. Anyway, if you need beta testers, sign me up.

  10. Matt says:

    Amazing! I cannot wait for this game! Actually, you’ve brought up an interesting possibility, leaving the zombies and no more than dark shadows! As no survivor would ever wave a flashlight around, this would make modeling and graphics needs low, while still making a good game. But if your going to do this right,then you must use the Zombie Handbook! Maybe using modes such as defense(in a variety of buildings) and offence(possibly as a soldier)!

  11. Matt says:

    Sorry, that was supposed to be an “as”. <:)

  12. Adam says:

    sign me up for beta testing

  13. Christian says:

    I would love to try out this game

  14. Bwood says:

    Id love to test it.

  15. Colt says:

    Huge fan of zombies in general! I have only beta tested a few games… but I love doing it! sign me up.

  16. Logan says:

    Zombies are my favourite genre of movies and games. Hopefully this will be good. I also have an idea, but that’s more for PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP sort of idea.

  17. Del says:

    OMG can’t wait till it’s released i have finished most Zombie games and watched almost all zombie movies haven’t read many books of zombie’s though but I’m really looking forward to it I’d definitely love to be a Beta tester!

  18. killerpope says:

    YAY ive been looking for a good zombie game for years i loved last stand I hated L4D. But this This just looks like zombie lovely. I say Arm your selfs for the new zombie world :)

  19. Dave says:

    ZOMBIES!!!! :D

  20. Michael says:

    I will beta test. I am a PC gamer but more importantly a zombie fanatic. Sign me up please!

  21. Me says:

    :3 ZOMBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (i dislike to give my real name :3)

  22. Kyle says:

    love zombies!!! want to play class 3 one so bad!!! hurry up and make it!

  23. Colby says:

    i luv zombie games,cant wait till c3o comes out!

  24. Johnnie says:

    I hope the game will be out soon. I am also a big fan of zombies. I love the games and the books. I would wish to test the game one day. Thanks for all your hard work.

  25. Blaze says:

    hey, remember to be paranoid: great ideas are a hot commodity everywhere, so don’t give away too much, and be trigger happy with the non-disclosure agreements/google “people searches”. seriously.

  26. antti5001 says:

    i love ur games and i hope that the new game will be ready soon :D

  27. han12345 says:

    this game was pretty fun, but you should ad some more cities. like Oslo, Paris and New York, maybe Los Angeles or Las Vegas too :D or Moscov (my brothers idea) or Cairo, or Berlin. okay, pretty much, you should ad London and New York

  28. jordan says:

    great game but i have a few ideas for the game, 1, you should be able to get more units by training them at a police station. as in every 300 zombies you kill you get 1,2 or three men added on to an existing squad but the amount you get is random. 2, different units, like survivors, they are outlined wight and you have to go and get them with your police force also there are only a few, swat, you start out with them wich should be rare or earn them by killing 1000 zombies. 3, weapons . shotgun , sniper. 4 , baricades , and road blocks as in try to defend a point on the map and zombies can destroy them if you donts keep them in check. these are all ideas for survival mode. and i no it will take a while to make them tell me what byou think.

  29. kev says:

    The Game was Good, But since you can only guide you’re polices to a certain location rather than taking control of their actions.. which means you control 1 police “Run,Shoot,And walk By you’re keyboard”

    I hope you’ll make where you can select one/all units

    Have a very nice day
    P.S my email is real

  30. Evil_Woody says:

    Waiting for a Zombie RTS for years now! Your simulation game has quashed my hunger for now! Sign me up for Beta testing if there is any room left for future versions/games!

  31. Finshade says:

    If you need beta testers, I’m ready for duty. There’s never too much good zombie games! Awesome game man.

  32. Kantocan1 says:

    If your going to make this game, please don’t make it one of those games where it’s by yourself and the entire world’s population has been eaten or turned into zombie, we need friendlies!

    Haha but seriously, looks like this will be good, hope theres gonna be beta testing.

  33. t-bone says:

    make this zombie game like c30 but make it like age of empires 3 and make it awesome like armed civs that we can control and cars that people can hop in and yea maybe makeshift shakes and put dudes it in well its your ill let u dicide

  34. Vasja says:

    Game is Awesome!!!This is a new word is zombie game.It possible to download?

  35. TehSmeller says:

    I can smell new and fresh zombie pwnt…on google maps and in my home town..i guess so.

  36. crasherdog says:

    make it so itll be more realistic

  37. saxe says:

    hey its one of the only zombie fans in denmark and trust me there are not many but denmark is also a small country… anyway i just played your game for first time today both of them and they fu#%#@g awesome!!!!!! i spell it again awesome!!!! if i could give this a prize for best game ever then i would do it!!!!

  38. Josh says:

    Hi my name is josh and i would be honored 2 beta test your game. The last game i tested for was deadfrontier

  39. Chris G says:

    Is it dead or where can I get a download for it? What is it called?

  40. Torlo50 says:

    It sounds like a very decent real time strategy zombie game. I cant wait to play it. If you ever make a new game after this, try making it a game where you ARE the zombie, not the survivor. You could directly controll the first zombie. That would be great, and other outbreaks at different locations could be other players. I wouldn’t want to controll zombies you made, (or zombies you made that bit someone else that turned zombie ect.) just give them suggestions. give the zombies a semi-intelligence by having them follow other zombies thinking the zombie they are following might be after food, ect. Anyway, good luck creating this game. Be sure to add a divesity into characters/armies, whatever you plan on doing.

  41. Grimluck_Bones says:


  42. Struck says:

    Great Idea My Friend! I’m A Little Disappointed In The Ability Too Only Control 3 Civilians. If You Could Maybe Make It Where You Can Control More People, Maybe Even A Military Version! With The Ability Too Select Which Weapons You Could Use And Maybe Even Vehicles That Would Be Amazing! I Hope That You Might Do This Stuff To The Next Version Of This Game! And Once Again Excellent Idea!

  43. Dayson says:

    sign me up for beta

  44. Michael says:

    im not going to beg to be a beta tester, nor brag how im going to be the best at your new game, but if you want some free beta testing. shoot me a email.

  45. Sean says:

    Make it to be able to call in military support or something. That would be awesome! Also more guns then just hand gun and shot gun. Or maybe character classes? Also be able to group units together so your not constantly swinging your mouse around trying to find the other survivors.

  46. shannon says:

    plz make the zombies smarter they dont know how to find there way into a building

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