ZOS for iOS: Update Submitted to Apple!

In my last post on the ZOS for iOS update I had all the maps, all the actions (bombs, soldiers, helicopters), and all the usual zombie mayhem all working. So it was “almost” ready, right?

Well, not quite. There were a whole bunch of tedious things left to do – like the tutorial, credits, sharing, purchases, ads, crash reporting, analytics, debugging, and fixing featured maps. Plus random issues with the Android version that I had to jump over and fix in the meantime. That’s why it’s been over two months!

However, I have now finally finished, woohoo!!! I’ve just submitted the update to Apple for them to review.

ZOS for iOS update waiting for review

Pretty soon those old app icons will be no more – the update uses the new icon from the Android version.

New ZOS for iOS icon

Now I just have to wait for Apple… hopefully I have better luck with the review process than back in 2012! :)




  1. A Chicken says:

    Great news! Can’t wait to relive this old game I still have in my ipod. Will I be able to transition the purchases I made in my android to my apple version, will it not, or will they already be there from the get go? Thanks!

    • Saxon says:


      Unfortunately it’s not possible to transfer purchases from Android to iOS or vice versa – there’s no way to know you’re the same person. However purchases on iOS will transfer to other iOS devices, and purchase on Android to other Android devices.


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