ZOS for Android: “The Walking Dead” Effect?

A couple of months ago I posted about sales for ZOS on Android, and I noted that sales had jumped a lot in October last year.

ZOS for Android sales November 2014 to February 2016

At the time I theorized that this was because the latest season of The Walking Dead started airing in October.

The Walking Dead airing dates

At the time I wondered if there’d be a drop in players when the season finished.

Well, it looks like there was! Here’s the number of players per day for a while before and after the final airing date on Sunday the 3rd of April:

ZOS for Android players per day for March and April 2016

For reference I’ve coloured the Sundays in red. The number of players generally peaks over the weekend, dropping during the week. However after the season finale of The Walking Dead there was an immediate larger-than-normal drop, and during the following week the number of players dropped to the lowest point it had been in over a month.

Sales peaked at their highest ever in March, were slightly less in April, and so far are looking to be a bit lower again in May.

I wonder if other zombie games have seen a similar effect from the TV show?

If anything, this tells me that I really need to get the updated version of ZOS for iOS done well before the next season starts (presumably October 2016). I’ve started on it, but it’s very early days yet.



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