Zombie Outbreak Simulator for Android now available!

Hi everyone,

I’ve just released Zombie Outbreak Simulator for Android on the Google Play store!!

Google Play button

You can check out the promo video we’ve put together here:

Or, here’s a few highlights from the game:

ZOS for Android bomb animation

ZOS for Android soldier animation

ZOS for Android helicopter animation

If you’re new to this blog and so haven’t seen my numerous posts over the last several months about ZOS, here’s the standard blurb that goes with the app :)

Zombie Outbreak Simulator is a sandbox app where you can customize your own zombie outbreak. Choose from thousands of real locations around the world on Google Maps!

The hit game with 300,000 downloads on iOS and over a million plays online is now available on Android!

  • “a killer timewaster” – Gizmodo
  • “zombies plus Google Maps equals fun” – Games Radar
  • “a splendid idea, no matter how omnipresent zombies may be” – Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • Apple Staff Favorite in the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Spain and 14 other countries!
  • Top 5 in Simulation and Strategy on the iPad!

Watch a zombie outbreak unfold in real world environments, and alter the outbreak parameters to your liking. Do you prefer old-school slow movers, or the new fast movers? Is the population armed? How well can they shoot? How many police will be on patrol? Customize your own outbreak then watch the chaos unfold.

Zoom in and out to keep track of the infection as it spreads across the map! Watch from a high satellite view to get an overview of the infection, or zoom right in and watch as civilians run for their lives, shoot at zombies and inevitably become infected. Keep track of the people’s only hope – local law enforcement, as they fight back against overwhelming odds.

Join in the action by raining fire from above with Mk81 and Mk82 bombs, delivered by A-10 Tank Killers! Parachute soldiers into the front lines to protect the civilians. Deploy helicopters to rescue civilians before they become overwhelmed.

From the Settings screen you can change the following parameters:

  • Civilian numbers
  • Civilian armed %
  • Civilian accuracy
  • Initial zombie numbers
  • Zombie outbreak direction (N, E, S, W, Map Wide)
  • Zombie speed
  • Infection time (how long it takes for infected civs to turn into zombies)
  • Number of police
  • Police accuracy
  • Soldier accuracy

From the Map Select screen you can choose from:

  • 15 featured online maps, using Google Maps
  • 5 offline maps (play anywhere even without an Internet connection)
  • Over 2,500 player maps using Google Maps, created by players of the game at www.class3outbreak.com

The free version of the app contains limited features, with in-app purchases for upgrades to unlock the full functionality. Initially you have access to two maps (one online, one offline), limited outbreak settings, and limited numbers of bombs, soldiers and helicopters.

If you’re looking for more screenshots, you can also take a look at the ZOS for Android promo page I’ve put together.

I want to thank James Filippone and Tim Mutton for their great work on the game, and also Screen Australia for providing the funding to make it!

Thanks! :D



  1. Scorch says:

    Great! Now all we need is the ability to call in multiple Apache helicopters in which fly around shooting infected!

  2. Austin says:

    It says my tablet is not compatible. Can you make it compatible as soon as u can.

    • Saxon says:

      Hi Austin, the main requirement is for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or newer. Can you let me know what version of Android you have, and also what model your tablet is? Thanks, Saxon

      • Logan says:

        If you’re going to make a game like this, at least at a survival feature, or something to it. or go a little further than ground zero with the gameplay.

        I played it and got bored with it’s dull tasteless features within the first few rounds.

        Try adding some replayability to your games Saxon. It was a beautiful idea. but poor execution.

  3. MustKnot says:

    Are the usable things Like a wait per day? Because i would like to reuse my troops.

    • Saxon says:

      Hi MustKnot, you just get 10 of each when you first install the app, they don’t reset. The idea is so that you can try out the bombs/soldiers/helicopters so you can decide if you’d like to upgrade. cya, Saxon

      • Logan says:

        So basically what you’re saying is you’ve made a really STUPID SIMPLE game, and you want to charge people for things that are finite?

        So you’ve just made another piece of shit micropurchase app?

        Thanks, thank you for being so extraordinarily generic.

  4. Jacob foe says:

    Hey Mr. Saxon do you know when the iOS version will be released?


  5. Josh says:

    Hey, I’ve just downloaded the app, and I’d like to purchase the whole thing, but it tells me the service is unavailable when I press the buy button. I is this a problem on my end, or yours?

    • Saxon says:

      Hi Josh, I’m not sure. I’ve been noticing a few crashes from other people which might be related to a similar issue – although there’s no info in the Android documentation on why this would happen. I’ve just uploaded a new version (v1.0.1) which may help. Can you try that out and see if it makes a difference? Thanks for your support :) cya, Saxon

  6. Gandul says:

    It would be great, barricades, more soldiers,more zombies,more weapons. Any idea of include this?

  7. Gregory kane says:

    What the what!?!? you ditched the apple device!?!?>:( Please if you read these posts, give this application to the App Store on APPLE!!!You hear me!?!?APPLE APPLE APPLE!!!!!!…..thank you for reading this post.Now please add this new “app” to Apple so that I don’t kill someone.
    I’m gonna hate you until you do this.

  8. TheDude234576 says:

    Okay I bought everything for $6.99, and I will say it was probably not a good idea to spend the money, but I did love the helicopter and the parachuting soldiers feature. Now the only thing that would make this game make me play more hours into this would be a more complex ai behavior. Make the cops actually try and protect civilians, so the closest zombie attacking another civilian would be top priority for cops and soldiers as well. Maybe have some randomly generated sections, where soldiers in one section would patrol and guard, and where soldiers in one section would subsequently attack another section together. All I want is the game to be more fun to “watch”, and not just a bunch of dull ai shooting and running away from zombies.

  9. Hotilewolf says:

    Hay Mr.Saxon how come in the demo you don’t just let all the helicopters and troops,ect be free let the setting limited but if we are trying out everything why don’t you just give us all of it so we can stress test it for you for free

  10. tholitz says:

    Hello … can u fix the game I couldn’t play zombie simulator, coz everytime open ur game I only see black screen plss fix :)

  11. Gaz Artemis says:

    Any word on the IOS version of the game?

  12. Sam says:

    If I buy everything will that purchase be valid for my phone and tablet?
    I used to love playing this on the computer. I’m looking forward to trying it on Android.

  13. Ivailo Spatovaliiski says:

    Hey Saxon is it possible to make it so that you can play 1-5 online and other official maps 5 times a day? because well playin on 1 map is kinda getting boring and i know that you need to make money somehow but it’s getting quite boring fast :/?
    And can you make it so that we can have 4 not 2 soldiers and heli?

    Or if no then i guess i have a VERY limited version
    And i can’t make my parents buy me the full version
    (they just think that wasting money for games is not okay and all and bla bla bla)

    Thanks for reading :)

  14. Someguy says:

    Any IOS update?

  15. Henry Hicks says:

    I am having a problem with the editor on your beta website. Whenever I go to sign in with my google acc. it says that the server is unavailable, please wait 30 seconds then try again. I have tried this but to no avail. Help?

  16. korea says:

    wow I like this game and long live!!!

  17. DexterSanchezPDT says:

    Anything for the IOS version? Since my ipad never lags when using ZOS. But my android phone lags. P.S Will the infected police have their own skin? since they magically change clothes when infected.

  18. Ryan says:

    Hi guys I bought your game on my old phone but soon. After it broke. I bought a Nexus 6 and it says the game isn’t compatible with this device. Will the game become available for Nexus 6?

  19. Leo cheung says:

    Sadly,second season of 2015,still no updates on IOS version.

  20. Rogan says:

    I cant seem to download it, it never finishes downloading. I know the post is old, but whatever xD

  21. Richard says:

    No ios updates??

  22. Jonas says:

    Hey! Great timekiller game. Love it!
    what if the civs could build roadblocks or obstacles to keep the zombies out. Just for some time. Food drops? Limited blocks? It would just be a click away. The possibility to spawn more zombies during play would also be nice . Thanks for a great game. Keep up the good work

  23. Wyatt Brennan says:

    Hey its not working on the Google Play for me. It just sits on a black screen before closing. Help.

  24. Wyatt Brennan says:

    Never mind,I’ll just keep flaging it on Google Play

  25. Wyatt Brennan says:

    I’m sorry did you die? I could use some help
    I WANT to play this but I can’t

  26. Wyatt Brennan says:

    Day 1: no help
    Flag count: 58

  27. Wyatt Brennan says:


  28. Wyatt Brennan says:


  29. Wyatt Brennan says:

    Can you update to be compatible with a Android Lenovo tablet?

  30. Wyatt Brennan says:

    Can you update to be compatible with a Android Lenovo tablet? It doesn’t work on this

  31. Alex says:

    My game has issue where it sits on a blue-ish screen then crashes. It might be my device

  32. Bob says:

    Are you dead?

  33. Joey says:

    When iOS have soldier in the game ?

  34. Screamer says:

    To the makers of zombie outbreak,

    Hi, I am a very big fan of yours and your game, zombie outbreak. Ive been playing it ever since release abd ive been following it. So when i first heard about the update and new features you gave to android but not us ios users, I went crazy :P. I have a really big problem with the ios version, and that is that you haven’t released the update that you guys promised would come out during early 2015. I have been waiting do patiently for like a year now, and it still hasn’t come out, and its already almost DECEMBER! Please release the update :P Its been a year already (Its november 2015 right now).

    • Screamer says:

      Oh shoot some typos in there, first one abd was an and btw. Plz reply ive been waiting longer than what you guys said which was early 2015, its almost 2016.

  35. Bob says:


    Please add military update to iOS


  36. Heshan says:

    Cant we use this game with out google play

  37. Tyrell says:

    Do you have any future updates for the iOS version of the app? I got the android version on my tablet and wanted to know since I carry my iPhone on me most of the time and love to play around on the app :)

  38. cadenmiller says:

    hey saxton are you still going to make new updates for class 3 outbreak on the computer?

  39. Mr saxon this game has a lot of pottental so dont abandond this game i like ro suggest if you add vechicles loke hummvees and more kinds of choppers youll name it plss reply

  40. Saxon says:

    Yikes, I just noticed there were about 60 comments on the blog, that I hadn’t seen notifications of before!

    To answer some of the questions in a batch:

    – I’m still planning on updating the iOS version, it’s just taking a lot longer than I’d hoped. A few more details near the end of my latest blog post here: http://www.binaryspacegames.com/2016/03/zombie-outbreak-simulator-for-android-sales-update/

    – If you’re having a problem with the Android version, please contact me via http://www.binaryspacegames.com/contactus/ and I’ll see what I can do.

    – I do also want to update C3O on the PC, and bring C3O-like features to Android and iOS (like controlling people), but those are all for “later” :)


  41. Richard says:

    This is a cool game but, can you add more support like meddic team, a gunner helicopter, tank, zombie monster, barricade, evac post, military post, and more. This will be a great game if you added it.

  42. Horne, Devyn says:


    I am logged on, but it will not save the map. Continues to say “Error: You are not logged in.

  43. Mike says:

    I did buy this game on android, it need some updates like more goverment actions or somethink like a gamemode where you need to survive develope a cure etc.. And you should add the survival mode like on pc class3outbreak.
    Please could you do somethink in your free time i would apreaciate it!

  44. R2 wars says:

    We need cars

  45. Dandrews says:

    Hey I love the game but can you restore my purchases it’s not working

  46. Kyuto says:

    I like the construct, I love the game play but, it is missing mobile setting for mobile users like me… Please entrust that ull fix that…and I’m poor so make it free

  47. Fox says:

    A multiplayer survival style version?

  48. Bradon Parks says:

    Multiplayer survival version? would be cool

  49. Lalo says:

    Hey there, is’t still working the Map creator? have some location error when create new map… excelent game¡

  50. Selectlol13 says:

    Anyone know when the next update is or if theres gonna be another outbreak sim that he’s working on?

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