Class 3 Outbreak – Now with multi-select

Hi everyone,

I’ve just uploaded a new version of C3O with the ability to select multiple civs at once. Click to select the first civ as normal, then hold the control key and click another civ to add them to the group.

We noticed that sometimes it was difficult to tell where your civs were going to walk when you moved them – such as not knowing exactly where the doors on buildings are, or whether a fence has been drawn in on the map. Therefore in this version we’ve also included a display of the path which each civ is going to take. This makes it easier to tell if your civ is about to walk into a horde of zombies! :)

Check it out here:

Also in this version we’ve renamed Jay to Paul, in thanks for Paul’s contribution to our campaign at Thanks Paul! :) As I mentioned in the last progress update, these names are temporary. Eventually the controllable civs will be yourself and friends you’ve imported from Facebook. At that time Ethan, Emil and Paul, and any other $100+ contributors, will become named civs wandering the map. In a later version these named civs will be able to be recruited into your group.

The next feature which we plan to work on is the ability to search buildings on the map for supplies.


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